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Pacific Island Farmworkers Earn Jobs Due to Deal


Drought Hit Australia Grapples to Return to Normalcy

One of the worst droughts recorded in Australian history (2018) is still fresh in the memories of the Australian farm owners. At that moment, farmers were left grappling for a sense of security. Moreover, they were left asking questions about their future. The main reason for the drought is the disappearance of the winter rain. […]


Strawberry Growers React to Needle Contamination

In an event that has devastated the Australian nation, a contaminated needle was planted in a strawberry. What is even more shocking is that the charges against the accused have been dropped. This is why members of the Queensland Strawberry Growers’ Association have expressed their severe disappointment. According to sources, the worker accused of committing […]


Montague Takes Part in the Citrus and Grape Industries

Montague, one of Australia’s famous produce organisations, has collaborated with Primewest in order to take operational control over 93ha Piscioneri Farms. This farm is located 9 kilometres from central Mildura. This abundant property boasts of numerous planted crops, such as Allison, Ivory, Menindee and Thompson table grapes. In addition to this, they also possess fruits […]


Favourable Agricultural Outlook for Queensland

The Rural Bank has just released its mid-year outlook report for 2021. In this particular document, there were six different categories that were carefully examined. They are dairy, agriculture, wool, sheep, cropping and cattle. Additionally, the economic aspects were also minutely scrutinized. Queensland has always had a favourable report. However, due to the mouse plague […]


Grants Providing Boosts for Agricultural Enterprises

According to the latest in the agricultural world, a great number of Western Australian enterprises, both big and small, have decided to fund $480,000 after they have successfully gained support through the Access Asia Business Grants Program. This is because the McGowan Government is aiding all of the local enterprises to fuel their efforts in […]


Australia’s One Harvest Denounces Plastic Packaging

One Harvest, Australia’s leading salad manufacturer, has taken a crucial step towards sustainability. Looking towards the future, the organisation has announced that they aim to transform all of their plastic packagings to recyclable, reusable or compostable materials by 2025. Since this organisation is an active member of the ANZAC Plastic Pact, they will attempt to […]


Perks of Using a Labour-Hire Company

Overview When there is a need to add staff to your organisation, one of the best ways to do so is to approach a labour-hire company. Not only do they provide casual, temporary workers, but they also ensure that your long term tasks are handled by permanent, efficient candidates. All in all, a labour-hire organisation […]


All About the Skilled Work Regional Visa (Australia)

Want to work in Australia but do not know which visa to apply for? You may be eligible for The Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491). This particular visa enables skilled workers/migrants to study, live or work in Australia for up to five years. Candidates can travel to and from Australia as many times […]


The Australian Harvest Calendar (2021)

Planning a fruit picking adventure? Australia is the perfect place to do so! This nation is a place where produce is found in abundance. In fact, Australia possesses one of the biggest horticultural and agricultural industries in the world. Furthermore, all harvest workers are a big support to these industries. Also, their assistance contributes to […]


Easy Crops to Grow Right Now in Australia

As the pandemic grows tremendously, the economic condition continues to deteriorate exponentially. Hence, this is leading to a pattern of panic buying. Many people are overstocking groceries and other fresh produce in fear of running out. This in turn is leading to another hassle. Due to the hoarding of so many products, the grocery bill […]


How to Find Australia’s Best Farm Jobs

One of the most common questions that arise from those who want to dive into the agricultural world is how to get started. More specifically, many want to know how they can secure seasonal work in Australia. Though the process may seem tedious and meticulous, it can be smooth if the proper guidelines are followed. […]


Guide to the Working Holiday Visa (Australia)

If you are planning to work while you visit Australia, then there are a few things you need to understand before you take the plunge. If you are aged between 18 and 30 and possess a passport that allows you to take part in Australia’s Working Holiday Maker, then you may have the chance to […]


Getting Farm Work in Australia (2021)

Are you someone who loves the outdoors? Then, a career in agriculture might be the most viable option for you. Farm work is a perfect career choice for those who are in love with their natural surroundings and prefer hands-on, practical work. Moreover, if a 9 to 5 office job does not sound suitable according […]


Choosing Agriculture as a Career: The Complete Guide

Is the job market getting you down? Consider a career in agriculture. Apart from the surge in demand, the industry is scouring for young, talented individuals who possess their own unique skillsets. Some of the jobs that are in high demand at the moment include: fruit picking in the orchards, driving tractors and operating farm […]


Is a Harvesting Job the Right Choice for You?

Overview The agricultural industry is one of the most important ones in Australia! Not only does it provide a means of livelihood, but it is also a very crucial sector that boosts and supports the economy. Nevertheless, getting a harvesting job can be a stressful task amidst the heavy competition of today’s times. These jobs […]


Are Careers in Agriculture a Good Choice?

In today’s modern times, technology has spread its influence across all sectors. Hence, it is evident that the world of agriculture is also being heavily influenced by it. With the dynamic upgrades that are taking place, there are a host of opportunities on the professional front as well. A career in agriculture is a good […]


The Top Careers in Agriculture

What comes to mind when the term ‘agriculture is presented before you? Tasks like planting seeds, harvesting crops and feeding livestock, right? On the contrary, the horticultural domain entails so much more than meets the eye. This field has developed and transformed with the modern age, and now has built its scope through the utilization […]


No Experience? You Can Still be Hired!

“Farmers farm for the love of farming. They love to watch and nurture the growth of plants. They love to live in the presence of animals. They love to work outdoors. They love the weather, maybe even when it is making them miserable.” – Wendell Berry. Agriculture plays an integral part in building the foundation […]


Research on Avocados Promising for the Growers

According to the latest news in the horticultural world, a board of Australian researchers have made a significant breakthrough in the world of avocados. This research will revolutionize the way that this fruit is grown. Moreover, this will also ensure that the heightened demand for avocados is met. The scientists, hailing from the University of […]


Work Visa Approved by Government

AUSVEG, the leading organisation for Australian vegetable growers, breathed a sigh of relief as the Federal Government approved a new agricultural work visa that will be available for ten countries across Southeast Asia. This approval ensures that the lack of labour issue is minimized. Currently, due to the wrath of the pandemic, there is an […]