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Labor’s Live Export Policy Unclear?


Labor’s Live Export Policy Unclear?

Article by: Hari Yellina Livestock producers have demanded answers on the Australian Labor Party’s policy on the export of live animals, notably sheep, with less than three weeks until the federal election. Anthony Albanese, the Labor Party’s leader, officially announced his campaign in Perth yesterday. There was no mention of agriculture or animal welfare during […]


Is the Biggest Global Container Port Closed?

Article by: Hari Yellina The global shipping congestion is threatening to turn into a multi-year tale as fresh Chinese lockdowns stifle trade at some of the world’s busiest ports. Shanghai, China’s largest metropolis and home to the world’s busiest container port, is under lockdown as officials battle just another outbreak of COVID-19. An increasing number of […]


Red Meat Exports to be Heavily Boosted by Government Grants

Article by: Hari Yellina A federal government award of $827,860 to the Red Meat Advisory Council to enhance exports has been welcomed by red meat supply chain enterprises. By assisting market expansion and marketing Australian meat exports, the Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation award will help boost beef, sheep meat, and goatmeat export earnings […]


Aussie Port Delays Influence Machinery Sector

Article by: Hari Yellina According to the Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia, delays at Australian ports are the latest difficulty facing the machinery supply chain. While 12- to 18-month wait times for new machinery were predicted, TMA executive director Gary Northover warned that reports of serious ship unloading backlogs were now appearing. “Members are […]


March Exports Still Yet to Catch Up

Article by: Hari Yellina In the first weeks of March, the unusual rain and storm events in south east Queensland continued to have an impact on beef processing, output, and exports. Because of road and rail closures, product could not be cleared from plants to the Port of Brisbane, which had to close due to […]


Reports Find the Goatmeat Industry on the Rise

Article by: Hari Yellina With growing flock sizes, greater carcase weights, and increased slaughter, Australian goatmeat output is on the rise. According to the recent global goatmeat snapshot from Meat & Livestock Australia, goat production has risen after a period of low supply due to environmental factors. Despite distribution issues associated to COVID-19, such as […]


Pressure Builds on Export Markets

Article by: Hari Yellina With the citrus business prepared for a large surge in fruit production, a lemon Armageddon or mandarin mountain could be on the way. Several presenters at the Citrus Technical Forum 2022 on the Sunshine Coast on March 8-9 hinted at large harvest quantities in the next years, emphasising the importance of a […]


Rising Sea Freight Costs a Threat to Aussie Beef?

Article by: Hari Yellina In some years, Australia exports nearly all of its beef and sheepmeat production. Apart from New Zealand, this is the highest export exposure any major red meat producer has in today’s international market. The ability of the processing and export sector to place such a large percentage of our production on […]


Demand for Russian Wheat Strong despite Circumstances

Article by: Hari Yellina Russia’s invasion of its western neighbour on February 24 drastically interrupted trade balance out of the Black Sea region, particularly from Ukrainian ports. This region’s exports represent an important part of the world’s food supply. A long-term disruption will have far-reaching consequences around the planet. Nonetheless, it would be absurd to […]


America Loses Taste for Mutton as Lamb Exports Rise

Article by: Hari Yellina In February, 20,774 tonnes of lamb were exported from Australia, up 22% from the start of the year. Meanwhile, mutton exports are struggling, particularly to the United States, where they fell by 36% from January to February, with only 761 tonnes shipped from Australia. Papua New Guinea (PNG) appears to have […]


Lychee Exporters now Reach U.S. Markets

The lychee industry in Australia has weathered the COVID-19 storm thanks to continued interest from US markets. Meanwhile, the International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM) of the Australian government has aided in the maintenance of trans-Pacific supply networks. Derek Foley, President of the Australian Lychee Growers Association, reports in this case study: strong demand for lychees […]


Berry Industries Receive Funding to Develop Export Markets

A large federal government funding will be used to promote the use of Australian berries in worldwide cuisine. Berries Australia received a $239,000 Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) funding earlier this month, which will help the company expand its blueberry and strawberry exports into major high-growth regions. In fact, berries are the most […]


Shipping Companies Make the Most of the Situation: A Global Report

The Indian grape season, which is about to get started, is overwhelmed with challenges. Omicron is posing a serious threat with restrictions and lockdowns, sea freight charges are going through the roof; scarcity of containers is imminent and the cost for packaging material has gone up by around 25%. Samir Singh, business promoter for Indian […]


The Continuous Rise of the Australian Almond

The Australian almond industry is one of the most successful industries in the nation. Currently, it is on track to reach a production capacity of 160,000 tonnes. Thus, it is forecasted to reach a farmgate revenue of more than $1 billion. The nut continues to be the crop of increases. This means there are increased […]


Australia Leads Asian Wheat Trade: 2021/22

It cannot be denied that Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters. Therefore, the nation is now set to witness a second-consecutive year of strong wheat exports. Even though there are government interventions and production cuts, Australia has still managed to sustain its exports. At the current moment, the country is forecasted to produce […]


Australia’s Cotton Industry Celebrated

World Cotton Day As a part of World Cotton Day, the nation’s cotton growers are being widely celebrated and hailed. This is because they have been an integral part of the agricultural community. This season has been one of the best so far. The productivity levels have been unlike any other season. The successful season […]


Pressure Created on the Middle Eastern Orange Market

Many Middle Eastern sellers are still harvesting the last Midknight and Delta Valencias. Because the fruit is small in size, the flowering period is directly related to its size. Moreover, since the last harvest season was mostly cold, there were a lot of shortages that were seen by the producers. Additionally, water shortages were also […]


Almond Shipments Going Strong Despite Pandemic

Even though Covid 19 is retaining its power to spread anarchy throughout the world, almond shipments are still being carried out at full speed. Though there have been times where the pandemic has threatened to slow down this industry, the officials have not allowed it to completely consume it. Hari Yellina, of Orchard Tech, agrees […]


Position Report: Almond Exports in Australia

The Australian nuts industry is one of the most successful sectors when it comes to the Australian economy, and this is due to the almond exports. Now, over 160,000 tonnes of these nuts were produced. Additionally, the revenue exceeded more than one billion dollars. This nut is one that continues to increase in value and […]