Commercial Plantation Farming

At Orchard Tech, our staff fully understands that commercial plantation farming is a unique practice in the agricultural domain that requires special attention. Our specialist recruiters are highly experienced in selecting candidates that possess a suitable skill set and level of aptitude apt for the conditions around Australia.

Orchard Tech: The Ideal Destination to Acquire Australia’s Commercial Plantation Workers

Orchard Tech is fully synonymous with hard work, integrity and finesse. The rigorous recruitment procedure that we follow allows us to determine the candidates’ suitability along with their level of sustainability. Through our broad and intricate networking system, we are able to provide commercial plantation farm owners with exactly what they require in order to help them blossom. Our training programs conducted both online and offline, fuel our intense growth to ensure that we surpass our own achievement every passing year.

We Recruit to Fulfill all your Needs

As fully educated experts in the field of commercial plantation farming, we regularly recruit for candidates such as tractor drivers, elevator drivers, telehandlers, sanitation crew and many other such complex roles. We understand that that proper staff selection is essential to a successful harvest season, and thus we follow all steps necessary to provide you with your best fit.

Adhering to Seasonal Timelines

Whether you are dealing with almonds and/or pistachios, our recruitment staff is aware that the farm requirements fluctuate with the changing seasons. Hence, it is our responsibility to assemble top-performing workforces that will aid you to meet the requirements of the ever-changing seasons.

Your Personal Recruitment Experts

  • We provide candidates with apt skills and experience for the job at hand
  • We join hands with farmowners to identify the peak seasons and plan according to that
  • We are confident about our broad digital network of candidates, both domestic and international, so you are never left in a fix
  • Our candidates can handle extreme weather conditions and perform at their peak
  • We run digital marketing campaigns specifically for commercial plantation operators