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Almond Shipments Going Strong Despite Pandemic


Almond Shipments Going Strong Despite Pandemic

Even though Covid 19 is retaining its power to spread anarchy throughout the world, almond shipments are still being carried out at full speed. Though there have been times where the pandemic has threatened to slow down this industry, the officials have not allowed it to completely consume it. Hari Yellina, of Orchard Tech, agrees […]


Position Report: Almond Exports in Australia

The Australian nuts industry is one of the most successful sectors when it comes to the Australian economy, and this is due to the almond exports. Now, over 160,000 tonnes of these nuts were produced. Additionally, the revenue exceeded more than one billion dollars. This nut is one that continues to increase in value and […]


Price Adjustments in the Almond World

The almond industry is one of the most booming ones in the world. With the demand for almonds rising, production has also exponentially increased and the price has risen. In fact, this nut is popular in all international markets such as India, Europe and China. Moreover, it is a known fact that Californian almonds are […]


Wine Australia Welcomes Record Vintages

Australia can now proudly claim a record vintage in regards to the national wine grape crop. It has amounted to 2.03 million in the year 2021. Nevertheless, the prices have also significantly increased alongside this. Unlike, during the rest of the time, this crop has now claimed the highest price in 13 years. This is […]


Asparagus Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Overview Out of all of the vegetables harvested in Australia, asparagus is a popular vegetable among the citizens. Asparagus is typically divided into two categories: a spring cut and a summer cut. The latter is primarily saved for the domestic market. Because of the low cost of the imported products, minimal processing occurs of the […]


Lychees’ Production in Australia (2020)

Overview The lychee is a subtropical fruit, which is oval and the size of a walnut. In fact, lychees are part of the berry kingdom and grown on tropical, evergreen trees. Moreover, after a few months of growth, these individual flowers transform into bunches of fruit. Australia is a nation that harbours the most extended […]


Mandarins Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Mandarins are usually available from April to October. Imperial oranges are the most popular ones in the market. Since this fruit is extremely easy to peel and contains few to no seeds, they are extremely popular in Australia. Mandarins belong to the citrus family and are a distinct species of oranges. These spherical oranges are […]


Grapefruit Overview and Growth in Australia (2020)

Grapefruit is a citrus variant that is available all year. Nonetheless, there are some availability issues in the month of January. Some of the most common variants that are available are the Thompson, the Wheeney, the Texan and the Marsh. This fruit is generally segregated based on its colour and the number of seeds present. […]


Cherries Production and Growth in Australia 2020

The Victorian cherry season usually commences in the first or second week of November. It then continues through January. The quality of this fruit is dependent upon many factors. These seasonal factors include frost, humidity, hail and rainfall. Hence, farm owners and staff need to constantly monitor and care for the crops during harvest season. […]


Rubus Berries Production and Growth in 2020

Rubus berries are dominantly grown in the southern parts of Australia. They are usually available from November to April. At the present moment, there are approximately 120 growers that are growing this fruit all across the country. The greatest volume growth is from December to April. Nevertheless, due to the high demand, these berries are […]