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New Agricultural Visa Welcomed in Australia


New Agricultural Visa Welcomed in Australia

In news that is welcomed by the Australian farming community, the Federal Government has approved a new agriculture visa that will come into effect in September 2021. This is an addition to the ongoing, successful Pacific labour schemes. The new visa is set to provide agricultural businesses with greater access to overseas workers and ease a growing […]


Pacific Island Farmworkers Earn Jobs Due to Deal

In news that is welcomed by the agricultural industry, Victoria is set to receive an additional 1500 Pacific Island workers to combat the ongoing labour shortage. Nevertheless, the farming community has warned the government that more quarantine centres will be required to fulfil the industry’s needs. Due to the unavailability of workers, the government has […]


Agriculture Visa to Go on Trial: Australian Government

In fresh news in the horticultural world, the members of the agricultural domain are calling for a trial of the newly announced agricultural visa. This novel endeavour is attempting to battle the labour shortages that have been caused due to the pandemic. Moreover, the government officials want it to come into effect before the end […]


ASEAN Agricultural Workers Set to Join Workforce

Labour shortage is a problem that is plaguing Australia ever since the onset of the pandemic. This is a crucial reason why the Australian government has decided to open its doors for ASEAN workers. In order to carry out this decision, the Australian Government will soon create a seasonal visa that allows these workers access […]


Wages to Increase Soon in Australia

In an announcement welcomed by all industries, the Fair Work Commission has decided to increase the minimum wages by 1.75%. Moreover, this increase applies to workers of all wages; even those who avail their salaries from The National Minimum Wage. Since an award covers most employees, this increase in salary will apply to almost all […]


Work Visa Approved by Government

AUSVEG, the leading organisation for Australian vegetable growers, breathed a sigh of relief as the Federal Government approved a new agricultural work visa that will be available for ten countries across Southeast Asia. This approval ensures that the lack of labour issue is minimized. Currently, due to the wrath of the pandemic, there is an […]


Fruit Worth Millions Rot Due to Ban on Backpackers

It is evident that there is a labour shortage that is pestering the fruit and vegetable farms in Queensland. Due to the border restrictions, imposed by the pandemic, crops worth millions of dollars are left to rot. Moreover, it was witnessed that multiple rows of strawberry beds were barren due to crop loss. Hari Yellina, […]


Woes Continue for Labour Shortage in Australia

Forecasts show that there is no short term end for Australia’s horticulture labour shortages. Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) says while the horticulture industry will suffer significantly from labour shortage, there are some opportunities from high domestic demand. A senior industry economist at ABARES, Charley Xia, told this week’s Outlook […]


Rotting Stone Fruit in Swan Hill as Prices Plummet

Due to COVID 19, restrictions were imposed on the usual gathering of backpackers and all of the overseas workers. As a result of this unfortunate pandemic, many farm owners were left in the lurch as their stone fruit was left to rot. In fact, many growers were also thinking of giving up on the industry. […]


Horticulture Labour Shortage At its Highest

The ongoing pandemic and the shortage of seasonal workers and backpackers that are arriving in Australia has created a labour shortage for a great deal of Australian horticulture growers. This market is heavily dependent on casual and seasonal labour. Moreover, this is a representation of the majority of the workforce in the Australian horticultural world. […]


Berry Production in Australia vs. the UK

Growing Methods The berry growing apparatus between the two countries is quite similar. This is especially true in the region of Tasmania. Moreover, this is mainly due to tunnels. However, it should not be ignored that both regions have different climates. When it comes to strawberries, there are two recognizable growing seasons in Australia. This […]


Agricultural Updates in Australia (2019)

The global pandemic will impact the agriculture sector for at least the next decade, water and labour shortages continue to worry farmers and the global population just continues to rise – so what is there to feel so optimistic about in Australasian agriculture? If you ask Paul Luxton, head of Syngenta, the answer is: plenty. […]


Labour Shortages due to Unavailability of Backpackers

One of the major industries that have suffered a significant blow due to COVID 19 is the agricultural field and its labour. In fact, the border restrictions that have been implemented because of this pandemic are causing an exponential decline in the number of active workers. Many backpackers, who are essential when it comes to […]


Farming Industry and its Vulnerabilities

According to recent data, the Australian horticultural farming domain employs about three percent of the country’s citizens. However, this field remains one of the most vulnerable ones out of all the professions. Moreover, these injuries are proof of the poor performance and judgment carried out by the agricultural personnel and the safety regulators. Agriculture and […]


Workers in Australia Stuck due to the Pandemic

The workers of Australia have endured a long and stressful season. Not only have they feared for their lives during this pandemic, but they have also faced uncertainty regarding their employment. Many labourers have also not been able to return to their loved ones due to the closure of borders. All in all, the situation […]


Shortage of Labour during Harvest

A significant challenge for those involved in the Australian agricultural domain is to find a good amount of workers due to the shortage during the months of September 2020 to January 2021. In these months, a high number of labourers are needed in order to harvest the fruits and vegetables that are produced. Moreover, the […]