Specialists in Horticultural Recruitment

Orchard Tech, a licensed organization, based in Australia, provides you with the best recruitment services in the agricultural industry. This organization is a driven hiring initiative aimed at providing up to date vacant positions in the horticultural domain. In fact, it also provides employers with a platform to meet and find potential and eligible candidates. Here, we connect jobs to people and people to jobs. Not only will you stay ahead in your job search, but you will also have the opportunity to apply from a pool of handpicked and recommended jobs based on your skillset.

Experts in the Recruitment Domain

Ever since the establishment of Orchard Tech, it has employed a plethora of candidates for horticultural operations throughout the nation. Working in the agricultural field is an exceptional decision for those individuals who are interested in food, fibre, bioenergy, supply chains, agribusiness, and protecting the environment. Our staff correctly identifies the skill and passion of a candidate in order to provide a perfect fit for the requirements.

Multiple Areas, Dynamic Skill Sets

Our aim at Orchard Tech is to deliver perfection to our clients. Whether you are in need of short term, semi-skilled workers or full-time employees, we can help you figure out a personalized combination that will boost productivity at the workplace.

The majority of the candidates, present in our database, are previously experienced. Thus, they are thoroughly familiar with the conditions present in Australia. Due to our diverse pool of eligible workers, we can quickly shuffle them from one site to another if there is a requirement.

Staffing Issues? No Problem

At Orchard Tech, we have an exceptionally dedicated permanent hiring team that is thoroughly supported and encouraged by regional and metropolitan offices throughout the country. This particular option is open for those clients who are searching for year-round staff to accompany their seasonal workers.

Some of the in-demand Positions Fulfilled by Orchard Tech

  • Farm Managers
  • Mechanics
  • Operations Managers
  • Viticulturists
  • Diesel Technicians
  • Farm Hands
  • Tractor Drivers
  • Site Managers
  • Agronomists
  • MC Truck Drivers

The team at Orchard Tech is highly qualified to effectively search, choose and deploy casual and contractual workers that are absolutely perfect to meet your needs. Whether it is for an agricultural project or for the harvest season, we know how to quickly present you with candidates that will enhance your workforce. Not only are these candidates sourced from home networks, but they are also minutely chosen from a wide pool of talented agricultural staff from overseas. Our causal candidates are fully reliable and possess the skill set needed to fulfil the demands of the work at hand.

The Orchard Tech Promise

If you are new to the field of labour recruitment agencies, then this is the perfect place to be! You have found a team that continuously works to improve its communication and productivity, and that strives to show its loyalty to you. We believe in a human-to-human approach that fosters solid relationships as opposed to simply chasing cold hard sales. Choosing Orchard Tech means opting for a staff that possesses exceptional values and they are reflected in each and every step of their work. No matter what the requirements are, our team will work till you are fully satisfied and smiling ear to ear. That is a guarantee!

Capturing the Agricultural Mindset

At Orchard Tech, we are immensely proud of our extensive experiences with innumerable agribusiness owners and farm operators. These productive interactions have moulded our understanding of the agricultural world. Our interactive sessions also allow us to stay on top of the latest horticultural trends. It is truly an exciting time to dive into agriculture!