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Animal-Free Dairy: The Newest AustralianTrend?

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Animal-Free Dairy: The Newest AustralianTrend?

Due to the uprising of veganism in the global community, a great number of producers are attempting to make animal-free dairy widely available for consumers. The first attempt at this is laboratory milk set up along with the nation’s largest dairy cooperative. The first animal-free dairy comes in the form of extracting value from a […]


Dairy Companies in Australia and their Growth

A great number of dairy companies are starting to climb the ladder in this booming industry. They are reaping the benefits that come along with the operating facilities in the region. Some of the major companies are situated in Victoria and are contributing to the growth and development of this industry. Due to the tremendous […]


Future of the Victorian Dairy Industry

The future of the Victorian dairy industry is open to a lot of new opportunities and avenues. Hence, many Australians are looking to invest in the booming dairy industry. Nevertheless, the demand for dairy products is mostly in the processed category. This is why production is increasing exponentially to meet domestic and international demands. Furthermore, […]


Markets in South East Asia and Australian Diary

The Victorian dairy market is significantly focused on the export market. The export products include a wide and diverse variety of dairy items. Some of them include powdered milk and cream, yoghurt and buttermilk, butter, fats, oils, cheese, whey products, and live animals. Moreover, there are various uses of milk found in Victoria. For instance, […]


The Victorian Dairy Industry Above Others?

According to research conducted by Deloitte Access Economics, the numerous competitive edges that Victoria possesses make it the ‘heartland’ of the dairy industry. Furthermore, this region is also considered to be a major winner in the dairy industry across the globe. Deloitte Access Economics has studied data pertaining to Victoria’s competitive edge in the agricultural […]


Victoria and the Dairy Industry: A Brief Overview

Victoria is undoubtedly Australia’s largest dairy-producing state. It produces approximately two-thirds of the milk from just 3 per cent of the landmass. In fact, this industry may be identified as Victoria’s largest agricultural industries. In recent years, the gross value of production was estimated to be 20 per cent of the region’s aggregate agriculture output. […]


Should you Invest in the Dairy Industry?

Dairy is one of Australia’s most important rural industries, producing about 8.8 billion litres of milk in 2018-19 and directly employing approximately 46,200 people. It is the fourth-largest rural industry in Australia generating $4.4 billion in farm gate value in 2018-19. The majority of milk production occurs on the southeast seaboard in Victoria, New South […]