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Grains Facing Weekly Losses: A Cause for Concern?


Grains Facing Weekly Losses: A Cause for Concern?

On Friday, the values of soybean and corn in Chicago lost more ground, with both markets expected to close the week down due to rain projections in drought-stricken South American producing areas. Wheat is set to drop for the third week in a row due to a better supply outlook. As of this week, the most active […]


Labour Campaign Saves the Strawberry Harvest

The strawberry sector in Queensland has reflected on the success of its innovative campaign, which tremendously helped secure workers for the upcoming season in 2021. Currently, strawberry pickers can earn up to $100,000 tax-free under the industry’s PickPackWin programme. Hundreds of people rapidly registered their information as the promotional registration link opened in early April. […]


The Fresh Produce Sector Uncertain about Costs and Regulations

Producers and marketers of fresh fruits and vegetables started the year uncertain as to what they should expect from the evolution of the sharp rises in costs, inflation, the framework of community aid, the application of the food chain law, and labour reform. The normative development of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) will conclude in […]


Shipping Companies Make the Most of the Situation: A Global Report

The Indian grape season, which is about to get started, is overwhelmed with challenges. Omicron is posing a serious threat with restrictions and lockdowns, sea freight charges are going through the roof; scarcity of containers is imminent and the cost for packaging material has gone up by around 25%. Samir Singh, business promoter for Indian […]


A Superior Quality of Brussels Sprouts Being Celebrated

This year’s Brussels sprouts harvest is now entering its second part, and that includes the one at Fruchthof Detter in Lower Austria. For many years now, owner Stefan Detter and his team have been supplying food retail outlets of the leading Spar chain throughout Austria with fresh Brussels sprouts from their own production. At the […]


Shipping Troubles Haunting Almond Growers

Kern County almond growers are facing logistical headaches this year. Industry experts say port congestion, combined with a shortage of truck drivers and other supply-chain problems, are frustrating farmers and processors working to get their product to overseas consumers. The latest official estimates say California’s 2021 almond crop was about 10 per cent smaller in […]


Berry Producers In Line to Receive External Assistance

A federal government grant has been kept aside in order to aid those berry growers who have been severely hampered by pandemic induced labour shortages. In fact, the Morrison government is all set to hand over $239,000 to Berries Australia Limited. Additionally, Agriculture Minister David Littleproud believes that this helping hand will assist the agricultural […]


Calypso Mango Breaks Records Despite a Tough Season

It has been a tough season for most of Australia’s mango growers, with what some call disappointing yields, combined with labour and input costs challenges. Mango growers expect to produce 7.9 million trays this season, down 20 per cent in some recent years. Although many varieties had disappointing yields, Calypso growers saw a record crop. While […]


Trying Out a ‘Rainbow Diet’ Good for Health

Dieticians are urging Australians to eat a “rainbow” diet to boost nutrition, and new colourful breeds of vegetables are becoming available to make that task easier. Fresh Select grow purple cauliflowers in the Werribee food bowl, 30 kilometres southwest of Melbourne’s CBD. Chief executive John Said believes consumers want to try something different, and supermarkets are recognising that different colours would […]


Processing Plants Saved from Almond Husk Combustion

Fire crews are expected to extinguish an almond hull fire today which has been burning in northwest Victoria since Sunday night. It is estimated that around 5,000 metric tonnes of hull caught fire at Select Harvests Carina West site. The outer cover of the almond is removed when the nuts are processed and the by-product is known […]