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Citrus from other Countries Highly Sought After in Baltic

Citrus from other Countries Highly Sought After in Baltic


Article by: Hari Yellina

With rising gasoline, food, and consumer goods costs, Lithuania and other Baltic republics are feeling the effects of inflation; nonetheless, there is still a desire for additional high-quality, reasonably priced imported fruit and vegetables. According to Edvin Kokojev, Commercial Buyer of Augma, an importer of fresh fruit and vegetables into Baltic countries, “it is mainly citrus from South Africa, Egypt Morocco and Argentina that are highly sought for.” When compared to the other Baltic states, Lithuania has the highest inflation rate. We observe quite big price hikes for food, petrol, and consumer goods. We are aware of and suspect that many locals have high pricing thresholds. Demand decreases as soon as a product’s price rises. It is particularly true of exotic fruit.

The volume is directly impacted by the pricing. even when the season changes from one supplying nation to another. Because individuals are impacted by the price, when the citrus supply shifts from Egypt to South Africa at a cheaper cost, we observe a significant decline in sales. Increasing the volume again takes time. Due to the vast differences in pricing and freight, we are unable to charge the same price for the products we buy from Argentina and South Africa as we do from Egypt. The ultimate customer is likewise impacted.” “Quality is a major focus for everyone here and is very important to them. In Lithuania, where there are several supermarkets, residents are accustomed to visiting a few stores every two to three days times a week, going from store to store looking for the nicest, freshest but best value and priced product.”

“Our organisation has five distinct buyers, each of whom is in charge of a specific group of products. Depending on the nation and quantity, my main citrus import changes. We brought in about 100 containers, or roughly 2000 tonnes, of citrus from Egypt for this season. We currently import from South Africa and Argentina. We would want to start out right when seeking for Brazilian exporters of fresh limes. While we are huge on avocados, my colleagues import grapes and kiwi fruit, according to Kokojev. “Our largest market is in the Baltic supermarkets. Our objective is to offer superior items at reasonable pricing. I’m seeking for direct suppliers from countries like Egypt, Morocco, South Africa, Brazil, and Argentina because of this. In particular during the Christmas season, I would like to enhance our citrus programme, thus I need to increase our supplier base,” Kokojev said.