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Global Market Overview: Cucumbers

Global Market Overview: Cucumbers


Global Market Overview: Cucumbers

Article by: Hari Yellina

The popular summer vegetable, cucumber, has reached costs that are nearly double those seen last year in several nations as a heatwave sweeps over Europe, bringing blistering temperatures in many locations. Due to both high demand and lesser supply in several producing locations brought on by the hot weather, prices have increased significantly. However, growers are unlikely to profit because margins are under a lot of pressure across the board due to the growth in production costs, which is still going strong. This has called into question whether it is profitable to turn on the lights for winter farming in the Netherlands, while in the US, retailers are attempting to offset the high cost of gasoline by concentrating on the nearest production.

Germany: Availability was sufficient to cover demand

The selection included Belgian, domestic, and Dutch products. There was enough supply to meet demand. The quotations lacked a distinct trend; overall, they tended to rise rather than fall. The modifications, though, were entirely minor. Customers in southern Germany faced increased buying requirements. In order to slightly speed up sales, traders in the north reduced their volumes. Mini cucumbers imported from the Netherlands, Turkey, and the domestic market were handled discretely. Here again, prices varied: overall, German cucumber prices decreased while those from other nations somewhat increased.

China: Slight price increase

This season, melons and vegetables have a wide range of costs in China. Cucumber, zucchini, and gourd prices among them increased in a variety of ranges, but prices for other vegetable categories remained the same. The majority of China’s open-field cucumber production takes place in the country’s Northwestern regions.

South Africa: Better season than expected

The English cucumber season is doing better than anticipated, according to a retail buyer. “Winter saw a little amount of positive growth, which is unusual. Although production has been hampered by the cold, consumers continue to purchase the well-liked produce. Mediterranean cucumbers are also doing very well, despite the fact that they were taken out of promotions. This is something that summertime retailers should keep in mind. English cucumbers are currently selling for an average price of between R16 and R23 per kilogramme at the Johannesburg municipal market, with both size and quality being excellent so far this season.