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Capsicum Production in Australia (2019)

Capsicum Production in Australia (2019)


Capsicum Production in Australia (2019)


Capsicums, also known as bell peppers, are grown in almost all states of Australia due to their popularity. However, the majority of the production occurs in the outdoors of Queensland. Nonetheless, capsicums are also being grown all year-round in high tech greenhouses in the southern states of Australia. Furthermore, capsicums possess an incredible prospect for both the domestic and international, export markets. This type of vegetables can either be consumed raw or dried and even whole or ground. Hence, this makes capsicums a versatile product in the culinary domain.

Additionally, capsicums can be found in various shapes, sizes, colours and a whole wide range of pungencies. Furthermore, this particular type of vegetable is best grown in subtropical areas in Australia. In fact, predominantly, they are grown outdoors under plastics. This allows for better growth and the crops can be harvested for a much longer time. However, some crop damage does occur throughout the year. Mostly, these crops are destroyed by a variety of environmental conditions. Another interesting fact to note is that insect pollination can be connected to the success or destruction of this crop. However, there are certain debates that are still ongoing in Australia regarding this matter. Moreover, many experts believe that capsicums are mainly self-pollinating and therefore do not need an external source for the spread of pollen. Nevertheless, there is very little research to confirm or eliminate this conclusion.


As of June 2019:

  1. 77,030 tonnes of capsicums were produced and valued at $171 million. From this amount, 6% was sent for processing.
  2. 64% of Australian families purchased capsicums while on their grocery shopping trip. This amounts to 355 grams per trip.
  3. The supply per capita was recorded at 2.9 kg, based on the volume supplied.
  4. The wholesale value of the fresh supply was estimated at $201 million. $137 million went into retail while $64.1 million went into food service.

Major Capsicum Production Areas

Capsicums are grown abundantly all across Australian states. Nevertheless, Queensland is the region where the maximum production takes place. Some of the other growing regions are Bown and Bundaberg and Carnarvon in Western Australia.

Fresh Capsicums Produced by States

States Producing Capsicums in Australia

Fresh Capsicums International Trade

Australia is predominantly an importer of capsicums and chillies. It typically imports 600 to 2,000 tonnes every year. The majority of the supply is imported from New Zealand. For the year 2019, Australia has imported 352 tonnes of capsicums.

International Trade of Capsicums in Australia

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)