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New Agricultural Visa Welcomed in Australia


New Agricultural Visa Welcomed in Australia

In news that is welcomed by the Australian farming community, the Federal Government has approved a new agriculture visa that will come into effect in September 2021. This is an addition to the ongoing, successful Pacific labour schemes. The new visa is set to provide agricultural businesses with greater access to overseas workers and ease a growing […]


Mouse Bait Efficacy Questioned: Australian Mouse Plague

Researchers are now starting to trail the effectiveness of the mouse baits. It is in collaboration with both farmers and baits suppliers. In fact, approximately three research papers were prepared and are soon to be peer-reviewed. After being approved, these papers will be published in scientific journals in an attempt to control further mouse plagues […]


Australia Agriculture: 2021 Snapshot

In the official report released by the Australian Government, eight key aspects of Australian agriculture was minutely examined. Overview Australian agriculture currently is responsible for: 55% of Australian land use (427 million hectares, excluding timber production in December 2020) and 25% of water extractions (3,113 gigalitres used by agriculture in 2018–19) 11% of goods and […]


Fruitful Returns Despite Australian Labour Shortage

Due to the outbreak of the Delta Covid 19 strain, Australia’s population has again gone into a strict lockdown. In fact, border closures are posing extremely serious hurdles for the government economists at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences. now expect the agriculture industry will grow a whopping 73 billion worth […]


Mouse Plague: The Second Wave

Farmers are seeing troubling signs the mouse plague that devastated regional communities earlier this year could surge again, in perhaps a bigger and more widespread way. The mouse plague may have been halted in wintertime at the pests stop breeding, their high numbers going into the colder months means exponentially higher numbers coming into spring. […]


Winter Crop Beginning to Flourish Again

According to the ABARES Australian Crop Report, this year’s winter crop is forecasted to do well above average. Thus, growers are ecstatic because of the strong productivity that is well above the historical average. According to Hari Yellina, of Orchard Tech, the national winter crop harvest is projected to be 54.8 million tonnes. Fortunately, this […]


Pacific Island Farmworkers Earn Jobs Due to Deal

In news that is welcomed by the agricultural industry, Victoria is set to receive an additional 1500 Pacific Island workers to combat the ongoing labour shortage. Nevertheless, the farming community has warned the government that more quarantine centres will be required to fulfil the industry’s needs. Due to the unavailability of workers, the government has […]


Student Visas Relaxed for Farmers

In January 2021, the Morrison government bestowed upon the farmers relief by providing them the temporary relaxation of student visas. Due to the pandemic and other unavoidable circumstances, various Australian industries were badly suffering from a shortage of labour. Amidst this, the agricultural industry was badly hit. Ernst &Young forecasted a labour gap of even […]


Pest Management to Protect Macadamia Orchards

In 2017, the Macadamia Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) commenced in order to examine biological, cultural and chemical combinations on commercial farm setups. Eight of these farm trials have been set up in areas where macadamias are grown in abundance. Some of these regions include Central Queensland, near Bundaberg in the Gympie – Glasshouse Mountain […]


New Agriculture Visa to Provide Permanent Residency

In news that is favourable for foreign agriculture workers, the Federal Government has introduced a new agriculture visa that aims to provide permanent residency to foreign workers entering the country. This agriculture visa aims to cover up the labour shortage that is being faced in the farming, fisheries and forestry sectors. The shortage of workers […]