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Australia Set to Finalise Trade Deal with EU


Pacific Island Farmworkers Earn Jobs Due to Deal

In news that is welcomed by the agricultural industry, Victoria is set to receive an additional 1500 Pacific Island workers to combat the ongoing labour shortage. Nevertheless, the farming community has warned the government that more quarantine centres will be required to fulfil the industry’s needs. Due to the unavailability of workers, the government has […]


Student Visas Relaxed for Farmers

In January 2021, the Morrison government bestowed upon the farmers relief by providing them the temporary relaxation of student visas. Due to the pandemic and other unavoidable circumstances, various Australian industries were badly suffering from a shortage of labour. Amidst this, the agricultural industry was badly hit. Ernst &Young forecasted a labour gap of even […]


Pest Management to Protect Macadamia Orchards

In 2017, the Macadamia Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) commenced in order to examine biological, cultural and chemical combinations on commercial farm setups. Eight of these farm trials have been set up in areas where macadamias are grown in abundance. Some of these regions include Central Queensland, near Bundaberg in the Gympie – Glasshouse Mountain […]


New Agriculture Visa to Provide Permanent Residency

In news that is favourable for foreign agriculture workers, the Federal Government has introduced a new agriculture visa that aims to provide permanent residency to foreign workers entering the country. This agriculture visa aims to cover up the labour shortage that is being faced in the farming, fisheries and forestry sectors. The shortage of workers […]


Effects of the Pandemic Still Visible on Farmers

As the pandemic starts to show its effects in Australia, farmers have expressed their great concern over productivity and yield. As state restrictions start to intensify, this may be in the form of border restrictions or lockdowns, farm owners are having trouble coping with the shortage of labour. Farming is not easy as it looks; […]


Agricultural Visa Up and Running by Christmas

In the past few years, the federal government did not focus on a policy commitment towards an agricultural visa for farmworkers. This was even after the National Party showed strong interest in the concoction of the visa. Instead, just days before the visa was announced on the sidelines of a post-Brexit free trade agreement (FTA) with […]


Community Concerns in Australian Agriculture

The bush has always held a crucial place in the Australian community, location and agriculture. In fact, the horticultural domain has employed approximately 270,000 people in the global context. This equates to 2.3 per cent of the Australian working class. However, labour shortage continues to be a problem in the agricultural sector. Australia faced a […]


Wine Australia: A Diverse Blend in Existence

Australia has always proven to be a diverse producer and exporter of fresh produce. However, it must also be acknowledged that the nation also boasts of a diverse range of wines. Wine is produced in every state, with more than 60 designated regions totalling approximately 160,000 hectares. However, Australia’s wine regions are mainly in the […]


Future of Australia: Agriculture at Its Best

It seems that the Australian agricultural domain stands at a crossroads in the present time. Even though the future is a sparkling one, there are hoards of challenges that stand in between. It is being forecasted that the amount of agricultural production can be doubled by 2050. This is mainly due to the exponential increase […]

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COVID 19 Impacts on ASEAN Countries

Background of ASEAN Countries The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) organisation consists of a group of nations that collates countries hailing from completely different backgrounds to focus on security, economic and political issues. However, the total influence of the group is severely limited. The countries in this group include Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, the […]


Struggles of Australian Farmers to Adapt to Climate Change

Even though droughts have taken a tremendous toll on the agricultural domain, farmers have battled through their struggle and proved their resilience. However, though the farming community are slowly overcoming droughts, climate changes are threatening to devastate this booming domain. Moreover, farm owners have largely faced struggles to battle the poor rainfall over the last […]


Australian Agriculture Witnesses Record Production in 2021

Background Australian agriculture has had an extremely dynamic and lively history. Technologies related to agriculture were first introduced by European settlers. This in turn had a major impact on early Australian agricultural practices. In the early 19th century, this sector was heavily dependent on wool production. Later, in the 20th century, this domain was dominated […]


Lentils Tariff Cut Welcomed by Australian Growers

In news that is welcomed by all those who are in the field of agriculture, India has decided to cut its lentil tariffs from thirty per cent to ten per cent. These taxes were put into place by the Indian government to support the domestic farming community present in the country. However, in the recent […]


Low Currency Rates Buoy Australian Agriculture

Even though the value of the Australian currency was lower than the expectations, the favourable seasonal conditions have anchored the agricultural outcomes. In fact, The NAB Rural Commodities Index has now increased by 9.6 per cent, when compared to the rates in 2020. The increase from May to June is approximately 0.8 per cent. Moreover, […]


‘Superweed’ Eradicated from Australia

After a long period of fifteen years along with constant surveillance, a tree stump is all that remains of a tree species that had the potential to become a superweed. This is why the biosecurity of Queensland has declared that they intend to remove this weed once and for all. This superweed was first detected […]


Climate Fluctuations cut Australian Profit Margins

According to certain agricultural reports, experts believe that profit margins have the potential to drop by approximately fifty per cent. This is mainly due to global emissions that are hampering every sector that has been profitable. If this is not lessened then farmers have no choice but to lose out on their profit margins. At […]


Visa Test Run, Demands Australian Fresh Produce Alliance

Fresh Produce Alliance (AFPA), an industry group, is currently calling for a trial of the new agricultural visa that was announced. Furthermore, they have requested this trial while the employment standards are kept in mind while ensuring the welfare of the employees. In fact, the organisation has also published its own take on the visa […]


Dried Fruits are now Available in Different Options

At the present moment, demand is steadily increasing in particular for almonds and peanuts. In fact, different flavours of dried fruits are also the requirement of the hour. This is why researchers are attempting to create a mix of different flavours that complement the natural taste of the dried fruits. Additionally, there is a slight […]


Onion Market 2021: A Global Overview

Glancing at the chaotic world around us, it is safe to conclude that 2021 is nothing short of a roller coaster. This can especially be said about the onions’ market. If the reports from the U.K. market are analysed, there are large fluctuations in weather conditions. This has led to a wishy-washy growing and harvest […]


Primewest Announces Second Trust after Acquiring Orchard

After completing a merger with Centuria Group Capital, Primewest has now acquired its second almond orchard. This property is seeded with an almond farm worth $53.9 million. This property is located in the Riverina region. After this acquisition, Primewest will now attempt to raise $34 million from other investors so that they can next acquire […]