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Australian Agriculture Witnesses Record Production in 2021

Australian Agriculture Witnesses Record Production in 2021


Australian Agriculture Witnesses Record Production in 2021

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)


Australian agriculture has had an extremely dynamic and lively history. Technologies related to agriculture were first introduced by European settlers. This in turn had a major impact on early Australian agricultural practices. In the early 19th century, this sector was heavily dependent on wool production. Later, in the 20th century, this domain was dominated by dairy. Even though this nation has one of the most extreme climate conditions in the world, Australian agriculture has adapted its practices to become one of the most successful in the current times. Now, the nation proudly and successfully deals with grain crops, sheep and wool, beef and dairy, working bullocks and horses, sugar, cotton, fruit and vegetables, and grapes and wine. It truly is dynamic in every sense.

Moreover, Australian agriculture is now a crucial source and exporter of meat, sugar, dairy, cereals, fruit and produce. Nevertheless, wheat is the country’s main crop, with production occurring in every state. Some of the other important crops include rice, tobacco, tropical fruits, corn, oilseeds, sorghum and other items. The greatest aspect of this domain is that the Australian government is involved in every aspect of rural production.

Australian Agriculture: 2021 Forecast

  1. The industry is forecasted to earn over $66.3 billion this year. This is a record breaking moment for the Australian agricultural sector.
  2. Farmers, fishers anf foresters are fighting the pandemic for a new beginning.
  3. Farmers are now starting to find new ways to diversify their export market base.
  4. The value of the exports have risen over $400 million due to the domestic livestock prices.
  5. Australian agriculture just harvested the second largest winter crop on record and now exporting grain faster than expected, with strong growth in our wheat, barley and canola exports.
  6. The value of exports is forecast to grow to $49.7 billion in 2021-22, driven by higher beef, wool and dairy exports, as well as a sharp recovery in cotton exports.