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Veracruz Almonds Goes for Blockchain Traceability

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Veracruz Almonds Goes for Blockchain Traceability

Article by: Hari Yellina Following the use of blockchain at their award-winning plantations in Idanha-a-Nova and Fundo, Portugal, Veracruz Almonds is leading the way in food traceability. This comes as the almond grower aims to boost its exports to UK and European distributors and suppliers. Veracruz will be able to track the whole lifetime of […]


Flooded Macadamia Trees Show Traces of Survival

Article by: Hari Yellina Macadamia trees on the floodplain of the Northern Rivers were put to the test during recent floods, with trees in the mid-Richmond valley upholding the burden of record flooding. Grower and consultant Robbie Commens, who manages and partners in a 100,000-tree plantation in South Ballina and has been a driving force behind […]


Victorian Almond Trees Experience ‘Whole Orchard Recycling’

Article by: Hari Yellina To help prepare the area for fresh plants, a Victorian almond producer is burying entire 30-year-old trees. In a method known as entire orchard recycling, which has been embraced in the United States, the chipped-up lumber will be absorbed back into the soil. Neale Bennett, a long-time almond grower, said he had […]


Macadamias Slowly Bouncing Back

Article by: Hari Yellina When a surge of water swept across Robbie Commens’ macadamia farm in East Wardell, near Ballina in Northern NSW, he estimated that nearly half of his orchard had been destroyed, resulting in millions of dollars in losses. Three weeks later, the picture is much brighter; but, Mr Commens has lowered the […]


Floods Wreak Havoc on Macadamia Crops

Article by: Hari Yellina In recent days, heavy rain and flooding have wreaked havoc on macadamia plantations. Although preliminary projections have been made, it is yet impossible to estimate the magnitude of the damage. Severe storms in New South Wales’ growing regions resulted in crop losses at the start of the year, but Queensland producers […]


Environmental Factors Affecting Almond Crops

Article by: Hari Yellina Almond growers are concerned about wind and cold weather, as they analyse the damage caused by highs and then lows that froze flowers. The producers are still reviewing the damage caused by highs and then lows that froze flowers, and wind and freezing temperatures added insult to injury. When you consider […]


California Walnuts Launches Campaign to Explain Benefits of Omega-3

Article by: Hari Yellina More than 90% of Americans, according to a research published in the Nutrition Journal, aren’t receiving enough omega-3s in their diet. The California Walnut Commission launched its third annual “Power of 3” global marketing campaign today to raise awareness about the advantages of omega-3 fatty acids and to emphasise how walnuts […]


Almond Campaign should be Similar to that of Last Year

Article by: Hari Yellina The 2021 crop should be substantially bigger than the projected forecasts, with a landing of roughly 2.9 billion lbs, based on the amounts received at the closure of January 2022 (2.827 billion lbs). Despite being less abundant than the 2020 crop, the 2021/2022 campaign will be backed by a broad volume available […]


Macadamia Farm Now Carbon Positive

Article by: Hari Yellina While the concept of carbon farming has sparked controversy and curiosity, a Queensland macadamia farm has put it into action. Hinkler Park Plantations, based in Bundaberg, announced that it had achieved a total greenhouse gas (GHG) decrement and removal of 17,670 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) across its entire macadamia […]


Hazelnut Grove Set up Ages 50 Years in Italy and Europe

Article by: Hari Yellina “Over the last three years, we’ve planted over 2,800 hectares of hazelnut groves not only in Italy (specifically Tuscany, Lazio, and Umbria), but also in countries across Europe, including Spain, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Macedonia, and Albania,” says Vittorio Lopez, administrator at Azienda agricola Stelo, a Viterbo-based company that specialises in […]


An abundance of Water Leads to a Bumper Almond Season

Full water storage facilities, a healthy pollination period, and favourable market circumstances have all combined to make the 2022 almond season a promising one. The Australian Agricultural Outlook 2022 published by Rural Bank provided a rosy image for the industry, with more than 140,000 tonnes expected for the 2022 season, up 16,000 tonnes from the […]


World Macadamia Organisation Aims to Lift Global Consumption

The major macadamia producing countries have banded with each other to form the World Macadamia Organisation, with the mind-set that a rising tide elevates all boats. The independent not-for-profit organisation, which was founded in September 2021, has a mission to increase demand by promoting a better understanding and enjoyment of the nut. Industry statistics and […]


Shipping Troubles Haunting Almond Growers

Kern County almond growers are facing logistical headaches this year. Industry experts say port congestion, combined with a shortage of truck drivers and other supply-chain problems, are frustrating farmers and processors working to get their product to overseas consumers. The latest official estimates say California’s 2021 almond crop was about 10 per cent smaller in […]


Processing Plants Saved from Almond Husk Combustion

Fire crews are expected to extinguish an almond hull fire today which has been burning in northwest Victoria since Sunday night. It is estimated that around 5,000 metric tonnes of hull caught fire at Select Harvests Carina West site. The outer cover of the almond is removed when the nuts are processed and the by-product is known […]


Australian Almonds Continue to Flourish

The Australian industry is forecasted to reach a production capacity of 160,000 tonnes delivering a forecast farmgate revenue of more than $1 billion. Therefore, the almond crop is also known as the crop of increases. According to the Almond Board of Australia, the future of the industry is nothing but glowing. Orchard area planted to […]


Demand for Dry Fruits Skyrocket during Festive Season

According to the latest report, the demand for dry fruits has finally reached the pre-Covid levels. Currently, the banking sector, pharmaceuticals and logistics departments are the major buyers. The retail demand for these edible snacks soars before major holidays, like Christmas and New Year’s. Nevertheless, there is a lot of interest to purchase these goods […]


Record Sales for Australian Macadamia Industry

The Australian macadamia industry is heading for a record harvest of about 54,000 tonnes of nut-in-shell this year, a haul worth more than $275 million. While the majority of the nation’s orchards have finished harvest, these figures won’t be confirmed until next month. About 29,000 tonnes will originate from Queensland, with about 13,000t of that […]


The Continuous Rise of the Australian Almond

The Australian almond industry is one of the most successful industries in the nation. Currently, it is on track to reach a production capacity of 160,000 tonnes. Thus, it is forecasted to reach a farmgate revenue of more than $1 billion. The nut continues to be the crop of increases. This means there are increased […]


Almonds and Health Benefits in a Nutshell

Almonds have been suggested to reduce heart disease risk by lowering total and LDL cholesterol and exerting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Plant sterols as found in almonds may interfere with the absorption of cholesterol and bile acid, and the high amount of unsaturated fat in almonds favours an improved lipid profile, especially when this food […]


Macadamia Industry Flourishes in Queensland

According to a recent statement, the Minister for agricultural industry development and fisheries, Mark Furner, has reported how Queensland’s macadamia industry is currently flourishing with tree sales soaring. This is completely due to the strong support of the Palaszczuk government. Additionally, Minister Furner said as many as 2.5 million trees will be established across growing […]