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World Macadamia Organisation Aims to Lift Global Consumption

World Macadamia Organisation Aims to Lift Global Consumption


The major macadamia producing countries have banded with each other to form the World Macadamia Organisation, with the mind-set that a rising tide elevates all boats. The independent not-for-profit organisation, which was founded in September 2021, has a mission to increase demand by promoting a better understanding and enjoyment of the nut. Industry statistics and global supply predictions show that the production of macadamia nut-in-shell would double by 2025, and maybe treble by 2030, to more than 600,000 million tonnes, according to the World Meteorological Organization.

The WMO has been tasked with promoting growth and assisting in the establishment of long-term foundations for a robust, long-lasting market. South Africa, Australia, Kenya, Guatemala, Hawaii/USA, Malawi, and Vietnam are seven of the world’s largest macadamia producing countries that have verified their membership so far. WMO founder and chief executive officer Jillian Laing, who is headquartered in New Zealand, stated that the organisation will position macadamias in the categories of health, luxury, and natural goodness, as well as fit with consumer trends toward mindful eating.

The first virtual meeting took place in October, and the first physical gathering will take place in May in Dubai, in conjunction with the International Nut and Dried Fruit Congress. Larry McHugh, CEO of Marquis Macadamias, is the head of the WMO board, and Myles Osborn, vice chair, is from South Africa. Charles Muigai of Kenya, Thomas Nottebohm of Guatemala, Michael Russo and Richard Sampson Genest of Australia, and Pieter van der Westhuizen of South Africa are the other directors.

The WMO’s establishment phase was driven by Australia and South Africa, and the two countries would be pursuing more member countries to join the organisation. In the next months, board elections will be held, with six directors being elected. Mr McHugh stated, “There has never been a more essential time for the worldwide macadamia sector to join together to exchange expertise, ideas, and inspiration than now.” Members of the council, which will convene at least twice a year, are able to send representatives.

The WMO’s primary goal is to increase demand in three major areas:

  • Develop the rapidly-growing Indian market
  • Increase consumption frequency in China
  • Boost demand positioning in the rapidly-growing plant-based diet industry

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)