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Is Agriculture a Permanent Solution to Climate Change?


Is Agriculture a Permanent Solution to Climate Change?

As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc on health systems and the global economy it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the scale of the problem. Yet, in the collective response to the pandemic, there is also a sliver of hope. Moreover, as governments implement legislation to quell the spread; citizens need to do their part […]


Mouse Bait Efficacy Questioned: Australian Mouse Plague

Researchers are now starting to trail the effectiveness of the mouse baits. It is in collaboration with both farmers and baits suppliers. In fact, approximately three research papers were prepared and are soon to be peer-reviewed. After being approved, these papers will be published in scientific journals in an attempt to control further mouse plagues […]


Pistachios in Decline, Forecasted to Increase

It is an ”off-year” for pistachios in Turkey, and consequently, a low production level for May 2021/22 is being forecast. However, Turkey has carried over significant stocks from the previous year, so there is no shortage of pistachios in the market. In addition, Turkey relies on imports of almonds and walnuts to meet domestic demand […]


Mouse Plague Affecting Agriculture and other Industries

A mouse plague in New South Wales has forced a jail to relocate thousands of inmates while it carries out cleaning and renovations. Due to this, more than 400 prisoners and 200 staff at the Wellington correctional centre will be moved to other facilities over the next two weeks. The mice have caused extensive damage […]


Managing Almond Trees with a New Australian Model

The new revolutionary method to manage almond trees, now a successful model especially in Italy and Spain, is being tested also on pistachio groves [as well as on other fruit species]. The agronomist Vito Vitally, back from a visit to some Spanish areas, explained the results. He believes that given the successful outcome obtained in […]


Winter Crop Beginning to Flourish Again

According to the ABARES Australian Crop Report, this year’s winter crop is forecasted to do well above average. Thus, growers are ecstatic because of the strong productivity that is well above the historical average. According to Hari Yellina, of Orchard Tech, the national winter crop harvest is projected to be 54.8 million tonnes. Fortunately, this […]


New Agriculture Visa to Provide Permanent Residency

In news that is favourable for foreign agriculture workers, the Federal Government has introduced a new agriculture visa that aims to provide permanent residency to foreign workers entering the country. This agriculture visa aims to cover up the labour shortage that is being faced in the farming, fisheries and forestry sectors. The shortage of workers […]


Food Patterns and Habits in the Era of Covid 19

It cannot be denied that the pandemic has aggressively affected the food patterns and habits of consumers. Fear of not having enough has led to major disruptions in the food chain, as it has resulted in panic buying. The most important area of concern is that the over-buying of supplies can lead to food wastage […]


Effects of the Pandemic Still Visible on Farmers

As the pandemic starts to show its effects in Australia, farmers have expressed their great concern over productivity and yield. As state restrictions start to intensify, this may be in the form of border restrictions or lockdowns, farm owners are having trouble coping with the shortage of labour. Farming is not easy as it looks; […]


Agricultural Visa Up and Running by Christmas

In the past few years, the federal government did not focus on a policy commitment towards an agricultural visa for farmworkers. This was even after the National Party showed strong interest in the concoction of the visa. Instead, just days before the visa was announced on the sidelines of a post-Brexit¬†free trade agreement (FTA) with […]