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Agricultural Commodities in Australia


Agricultural Commodities in Australia

Agriculture has been of utmost importance in the overall development of Australia. In the olden days, the nation placed its dominance on wheat and sheep. Even though this still continues to this day, a whole lot of other crops have been added, and thus Australian agriculture has been diversified. Historically, agriculture has been as important […]


An Emerging Regenerative Era in Agriculture

As the world is evolving, so are the industries that are operating within it. In a new concept that is slowly emerging, many are starting to encourage regenerative agriculture. This new concept of agriculture focuses on stabilizing the interdependent relationship between humans and the land. Moreover, it mainly aims to reinvigorate the health and conditions […]


Australia all Set for New Agriculture Visa

Fortunately for the agricultural sector, the Australian agriculture worker visa, also known as the ag visa, is a step closer to fruition, after the Federal Government amended the migration regulations. It has enabled it to be operationalized with a supporting program administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The minister for agriculture and […]


Food and Agriculture in Australia: A Bright Future

It is a known fact that food and agriculture that both agriculture and food are the basics when it comes to the sustenance of human life. Moreover, it was agriculture that led to the birth of human civilisation. Since the first crops were domesticated around 10,000 years ago, advances in agriculture have been intimately linked […]


Farming and Agriculture: Frequently Asked Questions

In the current world, agriculture has upgraded with technology to take on a new avatar altogether. Moreover, since farming and agriculture is one of the most important aspects of food supply, there are many questions that surround this subject. What is agriculture and what are the various forms of systems of farming? Farming, also popularly […]


Is Agricultural Biodiversity an Important Part of Agriculture?

What is Agricultural Biodiversity? Agriculture is completely dependent and based on biodiversity. It has facilitated the development of farming systems since the first development of agriculture some 10,000 years ago. This concept is the root and variation within all plant and domesticated animal species. Moreover, it is also the base of important ecosystem services for […]


What is the Actual Importance of Agriculture?

Agriculture is one of the most crucial sectors that are present in a nation. Hence, its importance is absolutely undeniable. The same can be claimed for Australia. Not only is it an important source of livelihood, but it was the primary source of the economy prior to the industrial revolution. Even though there is a […]


Beneficial Insects & Biodiversity Key to Pest Management?

During the last five years, the Macadamia Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program has actively worked on testing potent biological, cultural, and chemical combinations to eliminate harmful insects and pests. The most prominent way to do this is to introduce biodiversity. These farm trials were conducted in both New South Wales and Queensland orchards. The focus […]


Technology and Australian Agriculture: A Collaboration

Australian agriculture has always looked to integrate itself with the technological updates that are taking place. Hence, the nation has a long tradition of innovation when it comes to agriculture. In fact, the state and the federal government are great supporters of the merging of agriculture and technology. Agriculture in Australia has to be innovative […]


Pacific Island Farmworkers Earn Jobs Due to Deal

In news that is welcomed by the agricultural industry, Victoria is set to receive an additional 1500 Pacific Island workers to combat the ongoing labour shortage. Nevertheless, the farming community has warned the government that more quarantine centres will be required to fulfil the industry’s needs. Due to the unavailability of workers, the government has […]