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Chinese Shitake Mushroom Producer Gains Opportunities in Europe: A Global Report


Chinese Shitake Mushroom Producer Gains Opportunities in Europe: A Global Report

Article by: Hari Yellina The industry for shiitake as well as other speciality mushrooms is constantly expanding on a global scale. Imperial Garden Biotech is a Chinese corporation that supplies the global speciality mushroom and shiitake sector. The company manufactures and exports substrate logs all over the world. These logs can be used to grow […]


The Aussie Pear Season Underway as Demand Remains Strong

Article by: Hari Yellina Mattina Fresh, an Australian fresh produce company, has begun pear packaging after transitioning from the summer stone fruit season to the winter pome fruit season. Tom Panna, National Sales Director, explains that he has noticed an increase in demand for pears in recent years, and that one of the reasons for […]


Global Update: Exports to Russia Leaves New Zealand in Stress

Article by: Hari Yellina Although it is not illegal to sell food to Russia, many New Zealand exporters are avoiding the market in protest of the invasion of Ukraine. Stopping shipments to former clients, on the other hand, may be highly complicated and have a significant impact on firms. Freshco, a fruit and vegetable exporter, […]


Favourable Outlook for Australian Berries

Article by: Hari Yellina According to a new research from ANZ, the Australian berry sector will have a favourable long-term outlook as production quantities increase. The Australian berry industry has experienced substantial expansion in recent years, according to Madeleine Swan, director of food, beverage, and agricultural insights at ANZ. “While exports have grown steadily, domestic […]


Farmers Desire Commitment from Both Parties for Five Point Plan

Article by: Hari Yellina On the campaign trail, politicians of all colours have been admonished not to overlook regional Australia and the farm sector. The National Farmers’ Federation has asked all major parties to agree to five important initiatives to “boost up the pace” of agriculture and the bush ahead of the May 21 election. […]


Dairy Sector Heavily Impacted by Devastating Floods

Article by: Hari Yellina Dairy producers in New South Wales and Queensland are still counting the expenses of the recent rainy weather, which has resulted in animal losses and infrastructure damage. According to a Dairy Australia representative, the floods impacted more than 100 producers, with 70 of them being badly impacted. She stated, “The Dairy […]


Churchill Fellowships up for Grabs

Horticulture producers who want to learn more about their business and its advances can familiarise themselves with the Churchill Trust. The non-academic programme allows ordinary Australians to travel abroad and research a topic about which they are enthusiastic. The winners will receive an average of $28,000 each as Churchill fellows, as well as Trust support, […]


Labour Shortage Sours A Bumper Australian Harvest

Tony Halfhide, a retired Sydney accountant, has been packing his luggage and playing his guitar for weeks. The 65-year-old has been waiting for a phone call from a farmer friend close to Moree in northern NSW to say the harvest is ready. That call came this week, and Mr Halfhide is ready to make the 10-hour commute […]


Cotton Industry in Crisis over Labour Shortage

The cotton sector in Australia has suggested that changes to migration restrictions to allow a new visa may result in a lack of international agricultural workers. The current Australian Agriculture Worker Visa, which was introduced in September, is intended to increase the number of primary industry workers. Cotton Australia, on the other hand, claims that […]


South Australia Eradicates Fruit Fly Outbreaks

The state’s $1.3 billion agricultural sector has been relieved of fears after a series of Mediterranean fruit fly infestations were eradicated across metropolitan Adelaide. After a successful two-year operation involving 350 personnel who visited 177,000 homes and properties and released 677 million sterile flies, restrictions on the transit of fruit in more than 170 suburbs […]


Clonal Trees Help Meet Demand for Avocados

Australian technology is rethinking the avocado business at a nursery in the distant regions of Northern NSW. Scientists have been collaborating with the Anderson Horticulture nursery and many other avocado farmers for the past six years to develop tissue-culture-based avocado clonal plants. The nursery has now been awarded almost $400,000 to assist them to commercialise […]


Tearless Onions Go on Sale

Chefs, cooks, parents, and anyone with a kitchen will be able to purchase “tearless” onions in the UK starting next week, in a world first. According to Waitrose, the Sunion onion is good for those with sensitive eyes and for cooking with children because of its mild flavour, which makes it much more adaptable to […]


Heated Debate Rages on about Solar Panel Farms

As the number of solar farms in Australia grows, so does the controversy over heavy metals in solar panels and the difficulty of recycling them. Lynette LaBlack, a farmer in the Riverina region of southern New South Wales, has been questioning everyone who will listen with uncomfortable questions. She questioned Metka EGN regarding its solar project […]


Australia Offers Visa Refund Fee to Attract Student Backpackers

The federal government would grant a fee reimbursement to any student or backpacker who returns to Australia in the coming months in an effort to support a variety of businesses battling workforce shortages. The charge, which is roughly $600, will be waived for international students arriving within the next eight weeks and backpackers arriving within the next 12 […]


The Farming Community Orders their own RATs

Victoria’s top farming advocacy group has teamed up with Fruit Growers Victoria and Food and Fibre Gippsland to provide members with direct access to fast antigen tests. Expressions of interest in procuring the testing kits are extremely rampant, according to VFF president Emma Germano. Food and Fibre Gippsland, Fruit Growers Victoria, and the Victorian Farmers […]