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Fresh Spuds on the Market


Fresh Spuds on the Market

Article by: Hari Yellina Thomas Foods International is investing in a major processing unit to beat the time on potato shelf life. As part of extensive upgrades to its Penfield Gardens-based manufacturing plant, the firm, which is one of Australia’s leading food processors, has built a world-first Spectrim potato grading line. A 12-lane Compac sorter […]


Absurd Road Law Leads to Deregulation of Potato Industry

The statute that originally restricted the transport of more than 50 kilogrammes of potatoes is one of Australia’s most enigmatic traffic restrictions. When the potato business in Western Australia was deregulated in 2016, the obscure potato law was repealed. Until then, a special potato inspector had the authority to search any vehicle on reasonable suspicion […]


Spuds Being Consumed now More than Ever

Article by: Hari Yellina It’s not a competition… but potatoes have quietly surpassed apples as the most popular fresh vegetable item in Australia for the past financial year. According to the most recent volume of the annual Horticulture Statistics Handbook, which is published every February, the value of potatoes increased by $90.9 million from June […]


Spud and Veggie Biosecurity Programs Continue to Expand

Article by: Hari Yellina Two groups have demonstrated the success of a programme to promote vegetable and potato biosecurity as the agriculture industry considers the draught for a national biosecurity plan. Following the successful completion of the first part of the two-year Ausveg Farm Biosecurity Project, the second phase began in July 2021. The project […]


Vertical Veggie Production Towers to be Built in Perth

Article by: Hari Yellina The first commercial-scale solar-powered and carbon-neutral farm in Australia could be on the horizon. However, instead of large farm fields, it’ll be placed within city buildings. Eden Towers, based in Western Australia, has announced intentions to build four 12-meter-high growth tower platforms for a precision-controlled indoor habitat where plants can thrive without […]


Will Mushrooms Help the Food Industry Nutrition Gaps?

Article by: Hari Yellina Mushrooms may be the “missing link” in bridging Australia’s food and nutrition disparities. Nutrition Research Australia (NRAUS) is working to discover nutrition issues in the food service sector of the Australian food industry, and mushrooms are being used to help. The Australian Mushroom Growers Association is in charge of the three-year […]


New Vegetable Campaign to Promote the Benefit of Vegetables

Remember vegetables? A new campaign hopes that people will do just that and enthusiastically support the goal of increasing vegetable eating. The term “Better than you remember” will be used to promote veggies in the pro gratis campaign launched on February 1 by Outdoor Media Association (OMA) in collaboration with Health & Wellbeing Queensland and […]


Organic Spinach a Winner in Australia

While growers appreciate rain, it may often be excessive. Additionally, rain is viewed as a godsend in a place like Australia, where summer temperatures can reach dangerously high levels. “The weather has been fairly nice over the last six months,” says Vincent Eysseric of Coolibah Herbs, “but we did have an abnormally rainy spring.” It […]


The Fresh Produce Sector Uncertain about Costs and Regulations

Producers and marketers of fresh fruits and vegetables started the year uncertain as to what they should expect from the evolution of the sharp rises in costs, inflation, the framework of community aid, the application of the food chain law, and labour reform. The normative development of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) will conclude in […]


A Superior Quality of Brussels Sprouts Being Celebrated

This year’s Brussels sprouts harvest is now entering its second part, and that includes the one at Fruchthof Detter in Lower Austria. For many years now, owner Stefan Detter and his team have been supplying food retail outlets of the leading Spar chain throughout Austria with fresh Brussels sprouts from their own production. At the […]


Trying Out a ‘Rainbow Diet’ Good for Health

Dieticians are urging Australians to eat a “rainbow” diet to boost nutrition, and new colourful breeds of vegetables are becoming available to make that task easier. Fresh Select grow purple cauliflowers in the Werribee food bowl, 30 kilometres southwest of Melbourne’s CBD. Chief executive John Said believes consumers want to try something different, and supermarkets are recognising that different colours would […]


Growers and Workers Decide Piecemeal Rate

The Fair Work Commission last week acceded in its draft determination to all variations the Australian Workers Union had requested to piecework provisions within the Horticulture Award. These variations include a new floor for the earnings for pieceworkers so that they’re guaranteed the minimum hourly rate regardless of productivity, and a new requirement on employers […]


Demand for Mushrooms Shoot Up After Pandemic

Since the season of fall has arrived, mushroom season is back in full force. Not only that, the demand for this vegetable has also increased exponentially. Currently, sellers and exports are finding themselves in a situation where Asian mushroom prices are sky-high. Moreover, the containers, air freight, energy prices, and packaging are all driving the […]


Food Patterns and Habits in the Era of Covid 19

It cannot be denied that the pandemic has aggressively affected the food patterns and habits of consumers. Fear of not having enough has led to major disruptions in the food chain, as it has resulted in panic buying. The most important area of concern is that the over-buying of supplies can lead to food wastage […]


Citrus Fruits’ Canker Detected in Alabama

Citrus canker, a deadly bacterial fruit disease, has been detected in Alabama, in the residential area of Baldwin. This whole area shares a border with Florida and also the Gulf of Mexico. This disease was detected after the Federal and State plant health officials have identified and confirmed that it is indeed the canker that […]


Soil Replacements Provided for Australian Produce Growers

According to the latest reports, Carnarvon producers were adversely affected by the floods that occurred in February. The Federal Government has now decided to replace the damaged soil to assist the farm owners. In order to ensure that the work progresses swiftly, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has already commenced securing the required […]


Great Demand for Australian Sweet Potatoes

In the last three months, the traditional dry season has commenced in Australia (Bundaberg region). Nevertheless, the scheduled growing program, planned by Sweet Potatoes Australia, is panning out as usual. According to Hari Yellina, of Orchard Tech, the water allocations are favourable, and they remain at a hundred per cent till now. Moreover, the weather […]


Organically Grown Foods are Tested for Pesticide

In 2020, it was reported that more than 343 samples of plant-based food were tested for pesticides and other such contaminants. As compared to others, organic fresh fruit and vegetables were reported to have fewer fatal substances than normally grown produce. In fact, in more than sixty-eight per cent of the samples that were tested […]


Growers in Australia Looking for Export Markets

Many Australian growers are now looking for export markets to ship their fresh organic produce to. Out of the many, special mention must be made of Elridge Fresh Organics. The growers of the farm produce great quality vegetables all around the year. Additionally, they also take part in supplying this fresh produce across the whole […]


Tool Created for Spotting Yellow Leaf Spot Disease

The Grains Research and Development has stated that they intend to develop a new tool. This will assist Australian wheat producers to examine and make informed decisions about eradicating yellow leaf spot. This is one of the deadliest diseases that is plaguing the agricultural world. This problem can economically damage wheat to a great extent. […]