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Increased Prices of Snow Peas Leaves Consumers Baffled

Increased Prices of Snow Peas Leaves Consumers Baffled


Article by: Hari Yellina

It appears that no fruit or vegetable is exempt from price increases as we try to get through the current cost of living crisis. The cost of the little snow pea has now risen to $42.80/kg at Woolworths, following the price hike of lettuce. The crop typically sells for roughly $6.99/kg at the chain of supermarkets, making the current price a startling 512% rise. A shocked Woolies customer uploaded video of the outrageous price increase on her TikTok page. She captioned the video, “OMG first $9 coffee and now this.” “Snow peas cost $40 per kilogramme. Let’s check the price of a little quantity.

The woman in the video then took a few 142g of snow peas, costing her $6.08 total. Citizens are aware that poor weather is to blame for the current price increases on some produce. One remark made fun of the fact that “eating anything green will become the biggest flex in 2022.” “Lobster will eventually cost less than salad,” Another advised, “Plant your own, I promise it will be worthwhile.” Liam Kirley, who manages the Woolworths TikTok page, responded to consumer complaints about stock shortages with a video explanation of the circumstance. As you can see, we have a serious shortage of produce, including lettuce, broccoli, spinach, and other fruits and vegetables. Let me explain why,” he says.

“We are working with our producers to get the remainder of your favourites back on the market as quickly as we can,” the company stated. “We are anticipating supplies to improve by mid-July for broccoli.” When things get back to normal, Liam said in the video that employees will be “just as delighted” as consumers. Additionally, he recommended clients to think about seasonal produce alternatives. The good news, he noted, is that there are still plenty of delectable fruits and vegetables available for the winter. “Seek out apples, potatoes, Hass avocados, and citrous when they are in season.”