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Mouse Plague Affecting Agriculture and other Industries


Mouse Plague Affecting Agriculture and other Industries

A mouse plague in New South Wales has forced a jail to relocate thousands of inmates while it carries out cleaning and renovations. Due to this, more than 400 prisoners and 200 staff at the Wellington correctional centre will be moved to other facilities over the next two weeks. The mice have caused extensive damage […]


Fruitful Returns Despite Australian Labour Shortage

Due to the outbreak of the Delta Covid 19 strain, Australia’s population has again gone into a strict lockdown. In fact, border closures are posing extremely serious hurdles for the government economists at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences. now expect the agriculture industry will grow a whopping 73 billion worth […]


Future of Australia: Agriculture at Its Best

It seems that the Australian agricultural domain stands at a crossroads in the present time. Even though the future is a sparkling one, there are hoards of challenges that stand in between. It is being forecasted that the amount of agricultural production can be doubled by 2050. This is mainly due to the exponential increase […]


Mango Growers Coaxing Summer Fruit to Grow in Winter

According to the latest agricultural occurrences, the mango season in Australia keeps getting longer. This is because many mango growers have figured out a way to expedite the blossoming of the crop. By doing this, agribusiness owners can claim higher prices for this summer fruit in the winter season. In fact, this also puts other […]


Soil Replacements Provided for Australian Produce Growers

According to the latest reports, Carnarvon producers were adversely affected by the floods that occurred in February. The Federal Government has now decided to replace the damaged soil to assist the farm owners. In order to ensure that the work progresses swiftly, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development has already commenced securing the required […]


Fighting the Fall Armyworm in Australia

In the latest news in the agricultural world, farm owners and the staff are stepping up their efforts to combat one of Australia’s newest pests. The armyworm has gnawed its way into farms of every region except the ones down south. Hence, in order to eradicate this problem once and for all, growers have joined […]


Great Demand for Australian Sweet Potatoes

In the last three months, the traditional dry season has commenced in Australia (Bundaberg region). Nevertheless, the scheduled growing program, planned by Sweet Potatoes Australia, is panning out as usual. According to Hari Yellina, of Orchard Tech, the water allocations are favourable, and they remain at a hundred per cent till now. Moreover, the weather […]


Growers in Australia Looking for Export Markets

Many Australian growers are now looking for export markets to ship their fresh organic produce to. Out of the many, special mention must be made of Elridge Fresh Organics. The growers of the farm produce great quality vegetables all around the year. Additionally, they also take part in supplying this fresh produce across the whole […]


Farmers Bond together over Mouse Plague

In an attempt to battle the mouse plague, farmers are brainstorming ideas to build innovative and effective mouse traps. In an elaborate innovation, a chemical drum with the lid lopped off, an empty wine bottle, duct tape, a pair of old jeans and a slathering of peanut butter are being used to trap mouses. Once […]


A Season Like no Other: The Australian Mango

Australian mango seasons are usually a great hit. However, 2020 proved to be a little different. The weather was warm and there were winds that ran well into the harvest season. Nevertheless, the Northern Territory was faced with a wet season that was hot and extremely dry. In fact, the Bureau of Meteorology measured temperatures […]