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Aussie Farmers Much more Optimistic than Counterparts

Aussie Farmers Much more Optimistic than Counterparts


Article by: Hari Yellina

According to a poll of over 600 producers from Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Australian growers are the most confident about the industry’s future. AgriWebb, an Australian agricultural technology company, polled 636 farmers throughout the world for its State of the Farmer report, asking them about a variety of agricultural challenges. Australian farmers were discovered to be the most hopeful of the farmers interviewed, according to John Fargher, co-founder of AgriWebb. “It’s… crucially based on the future of agricultural output, the future of cattle prices, and the ability to add value with a great product,” he told the Associated Press. He claimed that when it comes to future confidence, Australian farmers came out on top.

Farm subsidies in the UK market, Mr Fargher said, had generated a lot of uncertainty about the industry’s future, while giant meat processors dominating the commodity market in the US had exacerbated producer anxieties. According to the analysis, roughly 15% of Australian farmers surveyed were “very anxious” about government and regulatory pressures, compared to around 30% of British farmers. Farmers were also asked how they felt about maintaining and improving margins, with more than 60% of American farmers expressing “extreme worry,” compared to only 20% of Australian farmers.

Farmers were also asked about carbon sequestration and carbon markets in the poll. Carbon farming was not a priority for two-thirds of the 636 farmers polled around the world. In Australia, a third of the farmers polled believe it is a priority, with one in ten saying it is their top priority. Carbon farming is a priority or top priority for more than half of the farmers polled in the United Kingdom. “The feeling out there in Australia is that there are many other priorities in our industry moving forward, so let’s not get caught up in the hype,” Mr Fargher said. According to the report, agtech solutions and increased data access are important to 67% of Australian respondents.