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Imports for Lumpy Skin Disease Vaccine Gets a Go Ahead


Imports for Lumpy Skin Disease Vaccine Gets a Go Ahead

Article by: Hari Yellina Cattle producers have praised the decision to establish a pipeline for the import of live lumpy skin virus, which will provide CSIRO with everything it requires to research and validate effective vaccinations and diagnostics. Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud stated that the importation would assist Australia in ensuring that the industry […]


Australia Offers Tariff SOPs on Indian Imports

In lieu of opening up India’s dairy and agriculture industries through low or zero tariffs, Australia has provided tariff concessions on 99 percent of its traded goods with India under the planned bilateral free trade agreement. Dairy products, cereals, oilseeds, and processed foods are among the items that Canberra wants to export to India. By […]


Berry Producers In Line to Receive External Assistance

A federal government grant has been kept aside in order to aid those berry growers who have been severely hampered by pandemic induced labour shortages. In fact, the Morrison government is all set to hand over $239,000 to Berries Australia Limited. Additionally, Agriculture Minister David Littleproud believes that this helping hand will assist the agricultural […]


The Urea Crisis may Lead to a Shortage in Wheat

Just as one crisis appeared to be over, another reared its ugly head. Indeed, there were times when crises overlapped each other. As the new year began, people found themselves queuing up for flour and sugar, while their brethren in the farming community stood in long lines and jostled to procure fertiliser for the wheat […]


Position Report: Almond Exports in Australia

The Australian nuts industry is one of the most successful sectors when it comes to the Australian economy, and this is due to the almond exports. Now, over 160,000 tonnes of these nuts were produced. Additionally, the revenue exceeded more than one billion dollars. This nut is one that continues to increase in value and […]