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Position Report: Almond Exports in Australia

Position Report: Almond Exports in Australia


Position Report: Almond Exports in Australia

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)

The Australian nuts industry is one of the most successful sectors when it comes to the Australian economy, and this is due to the almond exports. Now, over 160,000 tonnes of these nuts were produced. Additionally, the revenue exceeded more than one billion dollars. This nut is one that continues to increase in value and exports every year. This is also due to an increased number of plantings. Recently, the Almond Board of Australia successfully released a favourable picture of the booming industry. The orchard area dedicated to almond exports has also increased greatly. In fact, the area increased from 45,088 hectares in 2018 to now 53,014 hectares. At the present moment, the number of almond trees planted in orchards totals more than 15.4 million. Interestingly, one of the main points of deliberation remains the crop’s water efficiency.

In 2019, the Victorian government has wisely amended its approval process on selling annual use limits to new irrigation developments and has called on other states to do likewise. This will most likely increase almond exportsHari Yellina, of Orchard Tech, opines that water is a vital and large input regarding food production. whether that be raising animals or growing crops. Almond exports are no exception using between 12 and 14 megalitres per hectare on mature orchards to produce 3.2 tonnes of the almond kernel and 6 tonnes of hull and shell that is predominantly used for cattle food and is a highly sought after food source in times of drought.

Almond Export Market

Australia is currently the second-largest producer and its almonds exports are increasing every year. This holds true after the California almond industry. The export volume of Australian almonds grew from 60,894 tonnes in 2018-19 to 76,556 tonnes in 2019-20.

Australian almond exports to China and Hong Kong grew from 20pc of Australia’s total exports in 2018-19 to 52pc in 2019-20.

Domestic Market

Australia loves almonds and as a result, there is a huge demand within the nation for this dynamic edible item. This is also the main reason for the almond exports. Almonds remained the most frequently used nut ingredient in new products launched during the 2019-20 marketing year. In fact, domestic sales of almonds in 2019-20 grew by 5pc over the previous year to a total of 29,508 tonnes. This means that domestic sales of almonds have grown by 106pc over 10 years during which time the Australian population has grown by 15pc.