Digital Reach

Over the years, Orchard Tech has strategically delved into the digital world in order to extend our helping hands to those in need. Our digital marketing strategies allow us to source the perfect candidate domestically and internationally. At all hours of the day, our work unit is functional to bring you your desired results.

The Digital World and Orchard Tech

Our impeccable command over the digital world is an added bonus for our clients. This not only adds a great deal of diversity to our pool of candidates, but it also ensures that our job advertisements are reaching the candidates so that they can reach us too. Retaining the attention of our global audience and informing them about the latest happenings in Australian agriculture is a top priority for our digital team.

What our Clients can Expect

Post-Placement Assistance
Our client relationships do not cease after the selection process is complete. We offer a wide range of assistive measures to make sure that the work and performance are meeting the standards of the clients’ expectations. Our candidates are fully reliable and possess the skill set needed to fulfil the demands of the work at hand.

A Support System for the Seasonal Worker Program
Orchard Tech is an organization that has been an Approved Employer for the Pacific Seasonal Worker Programme since its establishment (2009). Also, we have successfully provided Pacific Season Workers for the farm owners who grow: mangoes, grapes, almonds, pistachios tomatoes, citrus, melons, vegetables, berries and bananas.