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The Leaders of Agricultural Labour Recruitment in Australia

Recruiting labour forces and finding employment has become two of the toughest challenges in this era. When it comes to the agricultural domain, it seems that this challenge just gets tougher. Nonetheless, whether you are a potential client seeking the best employees Australia has to offer or a candidate who is looking forward to join an esteemed labour workforce; Orchard Tech can offer you the perfect solution. The dedicated team, equipped with a commendable amount of experience, is always prepared to fulfill the client’s demands. We listen carefully to learn what you want to achieve and from there, we set about meeting your expectations without misleading you about the availability of work, or the skills of our candidates. This proves to be a pleasant and productive experience for both you and Orchard Tech.

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Global Network


Our ever-changing global network is a main point of difference when working with OrchardTech. To source the best agriculture staff for every possible position – in the numbers required – we have developed an integrated agriculture recruitment network. Our connections extend from Australia to the Pacific Islands, Asia, Europe and even the Americas.

Due to Orchard Tech’s extensive and dynamic pool of candidates, the client is able to carefully select employees from Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Estonia and Germany. In fact, our multi-faceted team ensures that our selection process is not jolted due to any kind of language or cultural barrier.

If you are new to the field of labour recruitment agencies, then this is the perfect place to be! You have found a team that continuously works to improve its communication and productivity, and that strives to show its loyalty to you. We believe in a human-to-human approach that fosters solid relationships as opposed to simply chasing cold hard sales. Choosing Orchard Tech means opting for a staff that possesses exceptional values and they are reflected in each and every step of their work. No matter what the requirements are, our team will work till you are fully satisfied and smiling ear to ear. That is a guarantee.

No matter what time of the year it is, Orchard Tech is always ready to provide you local candidates that will complement the existing structure of your set up. One of the major advantages of hiring indigenous employees is that they are familiar with the land and conditions that prevail throughout the year. Our team has extensive experience delivering workforce solutions for winter and summer field crops so that your work continues without any hurdles.


Seasonal Worker Programme

The Seasonal Worker Programme is an initiative undertaken by the Australian Government that aids employers to select and employ dependable workers that hail from the countries of the Timor Leste, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu and Fiji. This helping hand is for those who are struggling with unmet labour demands.

Orchard Tech and the Seasonal Worker Programme

Orchard Tech is an organization that has been an Approved Employer for the Pacific Seasonal Worker Programme since its establishment (2009). Also, we have successfully provided Pacific Season Workers for the farm owners who grow: mangoes, grapes, almonds, tomatoes, citrus, melons, vegetables, berries and bananas.

Permanent Employees

At Orchard Tech, we have an exceptionally dedicated permanent hiring team that is thoroughly supported and encouraged by regional and metropolitan offices throughout the country. This particular option is open for those clients who are searching for year-round staff to accompany their seasonal workers.

Casual Employees

The team at Orchard Tech is highly qualified to effectively search, choose and deploy casual and contractual workers that are absolutely perfect to meet your needs. Whether it is for an agricultural project or for the harvest season, we know how to quickly present you with the candidates that will enhance your workforce. Not only are these candidates sourced from home networks, they are also minutely chosen from a wide pool of talented agricultural staff from the overseas.

Post-Placement Assistance

Our client relationships do not cease after the selection process is complete. We offer a wide range of assistive measures to make sure that the work and performance are meeting the standards of the clients’ expectations. Our candidates are fully reliable and possess the skill set needed to fulfill the demands of the work at hand.



Safety is the Need of the Hour

After the selection of candidates, the work does not end for Orchard Tech. We ensure that we will share the responsibility for their safe-being at work. Risk assessment is a crucial part of this process so that costly and damaging injuries are avoided at work. Hence, we place a lot time and emphasis in evaluating the potential risks that may occur.

Site Safety Induction

When work begins in a new location there are a couple of things that we need to foresee in order to ensure the safety of the newly joined employees. Therefore, site safety induction is an essential part of our recruitment process. Equipped with proper knowledge, the candidates risk a lower percentage of injuries.

Commercial Plantation Farming

At Orchard Tech we are fully aware that commercial plantation farming requires a great deal of extra attention and focus. This is why we ensure that the candidates that we provide are chosen by our expert recruiters. Also, we assure you that all of the employees, that we recruit, possess a specialized skill set that will fully complement the nature of work that you require.

Our team of expert recruiters understands the ins and outs of commercial plantation farming. Therefore, we can quickly source candidates for the following type of roles:

  1. Shaker operators
  2. Weed/Orchard/Spot sprayers
  3. Elevator drivers
  4. Machine maintenance crew
  5. Combine harvester operators
  6. Irrigation
  7. Pickup and Bankout operators
  8. Telehandlers
  9. Packing shed crew
  10. Poeling crew
  11. Sanitation crew

Adhering to Your Unique Work Season and Timeline

We, at Orchard Tech, are fully aware that staffing requirements can differ along with the changing seasons. Whether it is almond or pistachio farming, these crops require special attention and cultivation. In order to make sure that your farming season is completely fruitful, we can provide high-functioning workforces with the appropriate skills and attitude to help you sow in spring, irrigate in summer, harvest in autumn and prepare the ground in winter. Therefore, we take utmost responsibility in fully briefing and educating the chosen candidates about the actuality of agricultural work.

Recruitment Issues we Solve

  1. We engage with a variety of farm owners to figure our peak periods, while simultaneously plan for the future.
  2. The candidates we recruit do not shy away from working in extreme weather conditions. They are equipped to handle long hours and adverse situations.
  3. We are always up to date when it comes to digital marketing campaigns, especially for farm owners specializing in commercial plantation farming.