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Spud and Veggie Biosecurity Programs Continue to Expand


Farmers Deplore the State of Australian Road

Potato farmers have a challenging task at hand. Many Sunraysian farmers grow around 15,000 tonnes of vegetable annually. However, a majority of tuck companies are refusing to service the properties around this area because of Curran Road. Residents of this area are of the opinion that the quality has been deteriorating for years without any […]


Horticulture and its Growth in Australia (2020)

Overview When it comes to horticulture and the production and trade, it can be concluded that Australia is a nation that remains pretty active. Not only does it deal with fruits, vegetables and nuts, it also produces and supplies other horticultural products such as cut flowers, nurseries and turf. Fruits and Vegetables The primary role […]


Zucchini Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Overview Zucchini, or courgette, is a summer squash which means that it is a squash that is harvested while immature and in the state while its rind is still tender and edible. Its skin is dark green, light green orange or deep yellow. Botanically Zucchini is a fruit, but it is treated as a vegetable […]


Tomatoes Production in Australia (2020)

Overview Tomatoes are grown in almost all states across Australia. However, the majority of the production occurs mainly in Victoria and Queensland. In traditional times, most of this vegetable was produced outdoors. Nevertheless, in recent years, tomatoes are being produced in high-tech glasshouses. Lycopene is one of the most abundant plant compounds in tomatoes. It’s […]


Sweet Potatoes Growth and Production (2020)

Overview of Sweet Potatoes The majority of sweet potatoes grown in Australia are produced in Queensland. Smaller volumes are grown in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. This vegetable originated in Central and South America. But archaeologists have found prehistoric remnants of sweet potato in Polynesia from about A.D. 1000 to A.D. 1100, according to […]


Sweet Corn Production in Australia (2020)

Overview Sweet corn refers to the sweet variety of corn that is grown for direct human consumption. However, this does not include maize or other broadacre corn crops. This vegetable is wind-pollinated, so it should be planted in blocks, rather than in single rows. Early, mid, and late-season varieties usually extend the harvest but it […]


Pumpkins Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Overview of Pumpkins References to pumpkins date back many centuries. The name pumpkin originated from the Greek word for “large melon” which is “pepon.” “Pepon” was nasalized by the French into “pompon.” The English changed “pompon” to “Pumpion.” Shakespeare referred to the “pumpion” in his Merry Wives of Windsor. American colonists changed “pumpion” into “pumpkin.” This vegetable […]


Potatoes Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Overview of Potatoes Among many edible crops that emerged at the dawn of modern human civilization and managed to spread across the entire world, few managed to distinguish themselves by their ruggedness, storage quality and its nutritional value. The potato indigenous flowering plants of South America and the Andes mountains (modern-day southern Peru and northwestern Bolivia) […]


Peas Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Overview of Peas Pea, (Pisum sativum), also called garden pea, herbaceous annual plant in the family Fabaceae, grown virtually worldwide for its edible seeds. This vegetable can be bought fresh, canned, or frozen, and dried. Moreover, they are commonly used in soups. Some varieties, including sugar and snow peas, produce pods that are edible and are eaten raw or […]


Parsnips Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Overview of Parsnips Parsnips have been cultivated for their sweet roots since ancient times. The Romans frequently grew vegetables. In fact, Emperor Tiberius adored parsnips and, every year, had them brought from France where the colder climate allowed the roots to develop a sweeter flavour. The British are particularly fond of this vegetable. It was […]


Onions Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Overview Many archaeologists, botanists, and food historians believe onions originated in central Asia. Other research suggests onions were first grown in Iran and West Pakistan. It is presumed our predecessors discovered and started eating wild onions very early – long before farming or even writing was invented. Very likely, this humble vegetable was a staple in […]


Leeks Production in Australia (2020)

Overview of Leeks The leek, a cousin of the onion, is a member of the Liliaceae family. Originally from central Asia, it has been consumed since ancient times. It was on the menu of the Egyptians and later the Romans, pioneers of gastronomy, used it plentifully in their cuisine, especially during their great feasts. During […]


Leafy Salad Vegetables Production in Australia (2020)

Overview of Leafy Salad Vegetables Leafy salad vegetables is a term that is used to describe a variety of leafy vegetables that are mostly sold in loose form. Some of the most popular vegetables are rocket and baby spinach. In fact, around 17% of each of these vegetables has its root mass cut off before […]


Leafy Asian Vegetables in Australia (2020)

Overview Leafy Asian vegetables refer to a range of similar vegetables such as bok choy, pak choy, gan lan and wombok. This is also known as Chinese cabbage. These names also have various other synonyms in different parts of the world. Cabbage (Asian Vegetable) There is no evidence of Chinese cabbage when it comes to […]


Head Lettuce Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Overview Head lettuce refers to all of those lettuce products that are mainly sold in a headed form. One of the most popular forms of this is iceberg lettuce. Moreover, these vegetables are often sold very close to the populated parts of the country. Iceberg Lettuce This is probably the most famous and recognizable form […]


Ginger Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Overview Australian ginger, though available all throughout the country, is widely produced in Queensland. Furthermore, processed ginger is oftentimes used in beverages in minced or candied form. However, the majority of these fresh imports to Australia are widely processed without entering the fresh supply chain. Most importantly, Fijian ginger has also been recently granted acess […]


Garlic Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

Overview Australia possesses a small but growing garlic industry. Nevertheless, most of the supply is accumulated by imports from other regions. The countries that provide the garlic supply are China, Africa, Taiwan, New Zealand and the USA. This necessary vegetable can be identified as a close relative of onions, leeks and chives. When it comes […]


Parsley and Other Herbs Production and Growth (2020)

Introduction and Facts Parsley is easily one of the most popular herbs in the world. The plant is used as a garnish for many dishes and is used in cooking as well. The plant adds an extra flavor to any dish, While the exact origin of parsley is unknown, it is believed to originate from Sardinia, […]


Fennel Production and Growth in Australia (2020)

Fennel is a perennial that grows to 2 metres or more, and at least 50cm across. The leaf has a strong anise scent and flavour, and the buttery yellow flowers appear in summer and autumn. The more common green type is a noxious weed in some regions so it should not be planted. It’s better […]


Fresh Herbs Growth and Production in Australia (2020)

TYPES OF FRESH HERBS LEMON MYRTLE Lemon Myrtle (Backhousia citriodora) is originally a Queensland Rainforest tree so they can grow exponentially into a fresh herb. They’re grown around Sydney a lot like a street tree. Traditionally, they were used medicinally. However, in the present times, they can be readily bought as dried herbs. Also, they can be […]