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Onions Growth and Production in Australia (2020)


Fennel Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a perennial that grows to 2 metres or more, and at least 50cm across. The leaf has a strong anise scent and flavour, and the buttery yellow flowers appear in summer and autumn. The more common green fennel is a noxious weed in some regions so it should not be planted. The […]


Fresh Eggplants Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Due to the immense popularity and demand, eggplants are grown all across Australia. However, the majority of the production occurs along the east coast. In the current scenario, these vegetables are grown outdoors. Nevertheless, due to the growing popularity of this vegetable, they are being grown all year-round in high-tech greenhouses. Although enjoyed like […]


Capsicum Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Capsicums, also known as bell peppers, are grown in almost all states of Australia due to their popularity. However, the majority of the production occurs in the outdoors of Queensland. Nonetheless, capsicums are also being grown all year-round in high tech greenhouses in the southern states of Australia. Furthermore, capsicums possess an incredible prospect […]


Lockdown Causes the Demand of Edibles to Soar

Due to the lockdowns and closures of hospitality establishments and the food services, the Victorian fruit and vegetable suppliers are facing a high demand during the winter months. However, Hari Yellina of Orchard Tech states that there has been a consistent and steady availability of two essential vegetables. They are cauliflower and broccoli. Cauliflowers, sourced […]


Horticulture and Australia in 2019

Overview When it comes to horticulture and the production and trade, it can be concluded that Australia is a nation that remains pretty active. Not only does it deal with fruits, vegetables and nuts, it also produces and supplies other horticultural products such as cut flowers, nurseries and turf. Statistical Data of Horticulture As of […]


Broccoli/ Baby Broccoli in Australia (2019)

Overview When it comes to broccoli, there are 2 categories that can be found: regular broccoli and baby broccoli. The term ‘baby’ refers to two different types of vegetable. Firstly, baby broccoli is identified as a variety of modified version. Secondly, it may also signify Broccolini, a fusion between regular broccoli and the Asian, leafy […]