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“Members Bound to Benefit”: International Fresh Produce Association


Workers in Jobseekers and Jobkeepers Extension

In accordance with the Prime Minister’s statement, delivered on 20th, July 2020, there are some modifications that have been made to the stimulus packages. Firstly, the payment for JobKeeper has now been extended due to the ongoing pandemic. This extension has been elongated till 28, March 2021. Both business and non-profit organization fall under this […]


Facts of the Horticultural Trade

It is a known fact that agriculture is the backbone of a country’s economy. The same can be said with regards to Australia. Moreover, agriculture plays an incredibly crucial role when it comes to the sustenance of the social, economic and environmental atmosphere of a nation. Recently a hoard of data has been collected from […]


Shortage of Labour during Harvest

A significant challenge for those involved in the Australian agricultural domain is to find a good amount of workers due to the shortage during the months of September 2020 to January 2021. In these months, a high number of labourers are needed in order to harvest the fruits and vegetables that are produced. Moreover, the […]


Nuts Exports by Destination

Overview/Statistics As the pandemic is claiming lives all around the world, the export of processed nuts has fluctuated in most regions. Though there was a minute dip in a few nations, the exports to most countries have remained stable. If the figures of May 2019 and May 2020 are compared, it can be concluded that […]


Crops in California and the Growth of Almonds

With a sigh of relief, it has been discovered that the demand and supply for California almonds will be increasing in the next few weeks. Hari Yellina has stated that the volume of the crop is at a record high. Even though the demand for almonds has been sporadic in the past, this demand now […]