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Crops in California and the Growth of Almonds

Crops in California and the Growth of Almonds


Crops in California and the Growth of Almonds

Article by: Hari Yellina.

With a sigh of relief, it has been discovered that the demand and supply for California almonds will be increasing in the next few weeks. Hari Yellina has stated that the volume of the crop is at a record high. Even though the demand for almonds has been sporadic in the past, this demand now stands at an even rate. Hari goes on to add that July is a slow month in terms of almond consumption, but he has witnessed an elevation in the demand for them.  

he department provides advice to the Australian Government on cropping industries, including wheat and other grains, oilseeds, pulses, rice, sugar, cotton and seeds to support their continued development and growth. This involves liaison with industry, community and government, particularly through representative organisations and agencies.

The department monitors delivery of crops research and development by the Grains, Cotton, Rural Industries Research, Development Corporations and Sugar Research Australia Limited, which are accountable to the Australian Parliament through the Minister for Agriculture. The department works with these organisations to ensure that they meet government financial and accountability standards, including performance reporting.

The department also works with industry and other government agencies to improve market access and trade conditions for Australian exporters as well as managing Australia’s membership of the International Grains Council, the International Sugar Organisation and the International Cotton Advisory Committee.

Almond crops in california

Hari has also explained that even though California produces and supplies about 80 percent of the world’s almonds, Australia is now starting to market and provide this crop. This growth in demand is appreciated with open arms during the disastrous pandemic situation. In fact, these low prices are significantly attracting many customers from China.

Hari believes that this is a positive sign in the world of exports as they attempt to recapture some of the markets. All in all, Hari is now looking towards stabilizing the prices of almonds as they head into harvesting in the coming week. Since he expects the demand to be massive, the price needs to stabilize as quickly as possible.