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Almond Insights 2021: Industry Overview

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Nuts in Australia: An Overview

Nuts and seeds are an excellent source of protein, minerals and vitamins. Hence, the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend that all individuals should include nuts in their everyday diet. Moreover, Australia is a country that focuses on its import and export of nuts. In fact, as of June 2019, approximately 215.828 tonnes of in-shell nuts were […]


Chestnut Production in Australia

¬†Australia is a country that has a wide variety of nuts that are produced and then exported. Out of these nuts, chestnuts are a type that is favoured by the Australian citizens. Moreover, these nuts are produced in the south of Australia. The majority of the production occurs in Victoria. It is important to note […]


International Trade of Almonds

Australia can be identified as the second-largest producer of almonds. After cultivating these almonds, they are exported in the form of both in-shell and kernels. As of June 2019, Australia has exported over 49,393 tonnes of in-shell nuts. Alongside this, they have also exported approximately 37,058 tonnes of kernel nuts. If the figures are viewed […]