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Dietary Consumption in Australia

Dietary Consumption in Australia


Dietary Consumption in Australia

According to recently published statistics, the domestic sale of almonds increased by almost 5% from 2019 to 2020. Almonds are extremely favourable when it comes to dietary concerns. This amounted to a total of 29,508 almonds being consumed by the nation. Moreover, this is a clear cut indication of the growth of domestic sales, which have increased over 106% over the last ten years. This elevation can be accredited to the rising consciousness of the Australian citizens regarding their health and fitness. Since almonds are rich in nutritional value, consuming them on a daily basis has become a habit for most Australians.

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A Consistent Growth in the Production of Almonds

Dietary Choices

When it comes to dietary consumption, it can be said that the focus of Australian citizens is on health and dietary nutrition. Hence, the Australian diet is made up of three key components: a diet program that aims to take care of heart health, one that is created to avoid diabetes and maintain a healthy weight and lastly, a fitness and sports diet program. Those who are following the last program consume a healthy amount of almonds on a daily basis. Not only does the protein in almonds keep the body fit, but this protein also aids those who have had injuries to recover at a fast rate.

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The Almond Industry

The emphasis on almonds as a source of dietary daily protein has boosted the profit of the almond industry in a significant manner. In fact, it has been acknowledged that almonds remain the most popularly used nut in new products, such as protein bars and chocolates. This has in turn aided the almond industry to grow leaps and bounds. Additionally, it has also been discovered that there were fewer products that hosted peanuts than those that contained almonds. Hence, the almond industry is growing at an exponential rate.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)