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World Macadamia Organisation Aims to Lift Global Consumption

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All About Chestnuts: A Thorough Overview

Chestnuts are a popular type of nut that is native to the mountainous forests of Japan, China, Europe and North America. These edible products are not only rich in flavour but are also starchy and sweet. Moreover, these nuts originate from large deciduous trees that bear both male and female flowers. These nuts are mainly […]


Commercial Walnut Production Forecast: (Global Edition)

China’s commercial walnut production [in-shell basis] is forecast at 1.1 million metric tons in the marketing year 2021/22 [september-august] and is unchanged from estimated my 2020/21walnut production. A spring frost may cut production in Xinjiang, the largest walnut producing province, by 20 per cent from last year, but production gains in other major producing provinces, […]


Why is the Australian Pistachio Industry so Successful?

Background: In Australia, there is a single organisation, namely: Pistachio Growers’ Association Inc (PGAI). Even though there are no official state or regional organisations, the Western Australia producers are prone to discussing their game plan due to geographic reasons. Furthermore, the PGA is an active member of the Australian Nut Industry Council (ANIC). They also […]


An Increase in Supply of Dates for 2021-2022

According to the newest reports, there are definitely some large crops of Medjool dates. There is a huge supply from all vendors at the current moment. It is mostly conventional though, so organic dates continue to trend upward. Therefore, the producers are continuing to allocate more of the fields to the organic Medjool dates. The […]


Hazelnut Supply is Now Exceeding Demand

Due to the favourable weather conditions, there will be no shortage of hazelnuts in the Pacific Northwest. Nevertheless, a lot of suppliers will have difficulty in keeping up with the humungous demand. In fact, this is an issue that Australia has been facing for a long time. Most of the trees are an average of […]


Health Benefits of Almonds: A Complete Guide

Health Benefits Explained The health benefits of almonds are ceaseless! People can eat almonds raw or toasted as a snack or add them to sweet or savoury dishes. They are also available sliced, flaked, slivered, as flour, oil, butter, or almond milk. Moreover, many call almonds a nut, but they are seeds, rather than a […]


Pistachio Demand is Definitely a Reason to Smile

The past winter and summer season has provided all pistachio growers with an excellent reason to smile and celebrate. What would be considered an “off-year” crop cycle still managed to produced a huge volume of goods. Moreover, the demand and popularity of the ‘green nut’ also known as pistachios, is higher than ever. Not only […]


Walnuts Update: A Statistical Overview

According to the latest reports, post estimates 152,000 mt of walnut production for May 2021/2022, a 2.7 per cent increase over May 2020/2021 following an increase in planted area. Currently, walnut exports are counted at 150,000 et in-shell basis, which represents a 3.4 per cent increase over May 2020/21. These successful export estimates assume the […]


Record Almond Crops: Growth Over 54%

The value of almonds grown in San Joaquin county – primarily around Manteca, Repon and Escalon – soared 54.35 per cent in 2020 due to a record yield and more bearing acres. that made almonds by far the number one crop in 2020, coming in at 694 million based on the latest production report issued […]


Almond Insights 2021: Industry Overview

If the history of the almond industry is considered, the first plantings in Kangaroo Island were witnessed in 1836. Slowly, these trees spread to private gardens throughout the nation. In the present times, the production now sweeps from the Northern Adelaide Plains to the Sunraysia and Riverina regions. In fact, commercially the most recent area […]


Fresh Walnuts: Quality Guaranteed as per New Agreement

As the campaign is being launched, Interfel, the trade association of fresh fruit and vegetables, has announced the reinforcement of its interprofessional agreement on fresh walnuts with new provisions, thus guaranteeing the quality and excellence of this unique product for the consumer. The interprofessional agreement on fresh walnuts is evolving and consolidating, reflecting the commitment […]


Managing Almond Trees with a New Australian Model

The new revolutionary method to manage almond trees, now a successful model especially in Italy and Spain, is being tested also on pistachio groves [as well as on other fruit species]. The agronomist Vito Vitally, back from a visit to some Spanish areas, explained the results. He believes that given the successful outcome obtained in […]


Prices for Organic Almonds Higher in Present Times

Although lower market prices for conventional almonds may spur on more growers to switch to organic cultivation, production challenges and other economic factors continue to make the transition a risky endeavour. Moreover, demand is still increasing for organic almonds, marketers and others in the business say. However, California’s production remains tiny, as it has been […]


Market Position Report, July 2021: Almond Exports

The almond industry continues to thrive 2019/20 with a lot more plantings. In fact, currently, there are about 53,014 hectares. Since almonds are a highly suitable crop for horticultural production in southern Australia with a high return per megalitre of water used and are a product with a long shelf life compared with fruit and […]


Almond Shipments Going Strong Despite Pandemic

Even though Covid 19 is retaining its power to spread anarchy throughout the world, almond shipments are still being carried out at full speed. Though there have been times where the pandemic has threatened to slow down this industry, the officials have not allowed it to completely consume it. Hari Yellina, of Orchard Tech, agrees […]


Dried Fruits are now Available in Different Options

At the present moment, demand is steadily increasing in particular for almonds and peanuts. In fact, different flavours of dried fruits are also the requirement of the hour. This is why researchers are attempting to create a mix of different flavours that complement the natural taste of the dried fruits. Additionally, there is a slight […]


Amazon Launches new Amazon Fresh Concept Store

In order to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, Amazon has launched new concept stores. Though they are concept stores in nature, these shopping hubs are similar to traditional supermarkets. At the entrance, a self-service kiosk is present that allows consumers to utilize At the entrance to the supermarket, there is a self-service kiosk […]


Position Report: Almond Exports in Australia

The Australian nuts industry is one of the most successful sectors when it comes to the Australian economy, and this is due to the almond exports. Now, over 160,000 tonnes of these nuts were produced. Additionally, the revenue exceeded more than one billion dollars. This nut is one that continues to increase in value and […]


Price Adjustments in the Almond World

The almond industry is one of the most booming ones in the world. With the demand for almonds rising, production has also exponentially increased and the price has risen. In fact, this nut is popular in all international markets such as India, Europe and China. Moreover, it is a known fact that Californian almonds are […]


New Almond Grading Machine and Safety

Researchers, working at UniSA, have newly developed an automated technique for grading almonds quality and also detecting any types of toxic materials. In the previous years, the worth of Australia’s almond crop was valued at over $1 billion. Moreover, it is now expected to expend over $1.5 billion in the upcoming year. The Australian almond […]