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Dried Fruits are now Available in Different Options

Dried Fruits are now Available in Different Options


Dried Fruits are now Available in Different Options

At the present moment, demand is steadily increasing in particular for almonds and peanuts. In fact, different flavours of dried fruits are also the requirement of the hour. This is why researchers are attempting to create a mix of different flavours that complement the natural taste of the dried fruits. Additionally, there is a slight elevation in the requirement for both roasted and spicy snacks. These casual edible items are a perfect addition to any individual who wants to relax after a tiring day. This is a major reason why many distributors are opting for a pack of assorted mixed dried fruits.

In fact, these mixes are proving to be extremely popular amongst friends. Three types of dried fruits are now available in the market for consumption. The interest in finding new gourmet flavours and experimentation have made dried fruit the protagonist of healthy tasty dishes. What is more, new culinary trends have also changed the tradition that saw dried fruit only as an accessory food or something for special occasions, especially in southern Australia. Nowadays it is no longer used just for pastries, it is used more and more in everyday lives.

Innovation is the newest, leading driver for this growth, especially in the dried fruits category. From a commercial point of view, it is essential to attract the attention of consumers using innovative advertising that focuses on the topics with a bigger impact: our marketing department has opted for well-being and the safeguard of the environment. It is therefore essential to choose healthy claims and develop sustainable packaging solutions.

What is more, these dried fruit trends highlight the inclination of Australians to choose single-portion packets, which are more in line with their everyday needs. When it comes to process and product innovation, dynamism is key. “We safeguard tradition and the knowledge developed over the years but, at the same time, we are always looking for new flavours. Our R&D department is studying and experimenting with unique pairings and the procedures to obtain them.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)