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Soaring Fruits and Vegetables Supply during the Victorian Lockdowns

Soaring Fruits and Vegetables Supply during the Victorian Lockdowns


Soaring Fruits and Vegetables Supply during the Victorian Lockdowns

Due to the lockdowns and closures of hospitality establishments and the food services, the Victorian fruit and vegetable suppliers are facing a high demand during the winter months. However, Hari Yellina of Orchard Tech states that there has been a consistent and steady availability of two essential vegetables. They are cauliflower and broccoli. Cauliflowers, sourced out of Werribee, are readily available in significant amounts of volume.

Since the weather has been sunny and bright, the production has flourished. Moreover, due to the closing of restaurants, as a result of the pandemic, supply has been abundant. This is thus finding its way into retail, which has kept the prices pretty low. The volumes of broccoli have also been pretty commendable. Like cauliflowers, the majority of broccolis are also produced in Werribee at the present moment. Hence, it can be concluded that the demand is creditable. Moreover, since citizens are left with fewer options when it comes to outside dining, supply has been abundant and hence people are consuming these vegetables and having a consistent rate of supply with low volatility in pricing.

Additionally, the inability to travel and the mass evacuations occurring now have kept a lot of people stuck in Victoria. Hence, trade has been ‘super-strong’ for the fruit and vegetable markets. In an overview, people are generally purchasing a variety of groceries. Accordingly, the retail aspect has been increasing rapidly.

Furthermore, there has been a remarkable elevation of new customers. Yellina opines that many suppliers are extremely lucky to attain increased sales and customers. Nevertheless, the central focus during the pandemic is to provide a clean and safe environment that removes fear and anxiety from the customers. Therefore, a particular may have had to mop about five to six times a day in order to maintain its cleanliness. In fact, people are starting to cook at home again, and they are beginning to enjoy this activity.  

However, since situations are returning to their normal state, it has been estimated that the soaring prices will soon be brought under control. Nonetheless, it can also be forecasted that the volatility in prices of the vegetables and fruits will also be stabilizing. Thus, it is safe to say that the effects of the lockdown will still loom over the markets, however, as the world resumes it services, it is safe to say that these important trading factors will also begin to come into order.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)