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Grapefruit Production in Australia (2019)

Grapefruit Production in Australia (2019) Overview Grapefruit production mainly occurs in the Murray valley region. Grapefruit imports all around the year aid this fruit to be accessible to the Australian citizens all around the year. The production in Western Australia and the Northern Territory also contributes to the abundance of this fruit in the nation. […]


Cherries Production in Australia (2019)

Cherries Production in Australia (2019) Overview In Australia, cherries are predominantly produced in the summer months. Moreover, the majority of the production occurs in the southern states of Australia. Cherries are a fruit enjoyed by the majority of the population. Hence, they can be identified as a very popular fruit in Australia. Statistics As of […]


Strawberries Production in Australia (2019)

Strawberries Production in Australia (2019) Overview Strawberries are a fruit that is abundantly grown in all states of Australia. Thus, it is found throughout the year in this country. Moreover, this is a fruit which is extremely popular as the majority of the population enjoys it. Statistics 72% of Australian households bought these fruits while […]


Rubus Berries Production in Australia (2019)

Rubus Berries Production in Australia (2019) Overview The term ‘rubus berries’ is all-inclusive of raspberries, blackberries and other berries such as silvanberries and boysenberries. These berries are predominantly grown along the Eastern Seabord of Australia. Moreover, the majority of the production occurs in Victoria and Tasmania. History of Rubus Berries Raspberry was firstly cultivated by […]


Horticulture and Australia in 2019

Horticulture and Australia in 2019 Overview When it comes to horticulture and the production and trade, it can be concluded that Australia is a nation that remains pretty active. Not only does it deal with fruits, vegetables and nuts, it also produces and supplies other horticultural products such as cut flowers, nurseries and turf. Statistical […]


Pecans Production in Australia (2019)

Pecans Production in Australia (2019) Overview The majority of pecan production in Australia is centred in northern New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland. This type of nut is mostly sold domestically in its kernel form. However, there is a small export market for it as well. Statistics The supply per capita of both the in-shell […]


Blueberries Production in Australia

Blueberries Production in Australia Blueberries Overview The majority of production, when it comes to blueberries, occurs in the northern New South Wales region of Coffs Harbour. The growth is at its peak during the summer months. Because there are multiple regions that grow blueberries in Australia, this fruit is thus available all throughout the year. […]


Fruit Production in Australia

Fruit Production in Australia All Fresh Fruit Overview As of 2019 the fruit data was: Approximately 2.79 million tonnes of fruits were produced in the nation. The total value of these fruits amounted to $5.5 billion. 98% of Australian families purchased this as a part of their daily lives. The supply per capita was recorded […]


Berries Production in Australia (2019)

Berries Production in Australia (2019) Overview If the term ‘fresh berries’ is utilized, it predominantly indicates to a variety of berries. They can be identified as blueberries, strawberries, rubus berries, raspberries and blackberries. Moreover, Australia is nation which is an exporter of berries which means berries are abundantly found on the Australian soil. Australia grows a […]


Avocado Production in Australia (2019)

Avocado Production in Australia (2019) Fresh Avocado Overview Avocado, a popular fruit in Australia, is consumed by many households. Production of this fruit mainly occurs in Queensland and New South Wales during the winter months. Moreover, this fruit is also produced in Western Australia during the summer months. Among the various types, the most common […]


Apples Production in Australia

Apples Production in Australia Overview Apples are a fruit that is abundantly produced across all states in Australia. The harvest season usually occurs between February and May. Nonetheless, this fruit is available all year-round. This is made possible due to the controlled atmosphere technology. Statistics As of 2019: Approximately 310,875 tonnes of this fruit was […]


Broccoli/ Baby Broccoli in Australia (2019)

Broccoli/ Baby Broccoli in Australia (2019) Overview When it comes to broccoli, there are 2 categories that can be found: regular broccoli and baby broccoli. The term ‘baby’ refers to two different types of vegetable. Firstly, baby broccoli is identified as a variety of modified version. Secondly, it may also signify Broccolini, a fusion between […]


Imports Carried out in Australia (2019)

Imports Carried out in Australia (2019) According to the data collected, it seemed to be a bustling year when it comes to Australian imports. As of 2019, Australia has imported $2.87 billion worth of horticultural goods. If the imports are carefully sectioned, it can be concluded that processed fruits were imported the most. For instance, […]


Dietary Consumption in Australia

Dietary Consumption in Australia According to recently published statistics, the domestic sale of almonds increased by almost 5% from 2019 to 2020. Almonds are extremely favourable when it comes to dietary concerns. This amounted to a total of 29,508 almonds being consumed by the nation. Moreover, this is a clear cut indication of the growth […]


Almonds and the Environment

Almonds and the Environment Efficient Water-Use It may be identified that the farmers of Australian almonds can be deemed as world leaders when it comes to the productive usage of water. The personnel operating the almond industry are one of the most environmentally aware individuals as compared to other sectors. Since water is a vital […]


ABA and its Role in the Almond Industry

ABA and its Role in the Almond Industry Any established industry needs a group of members to regulate it so that it functions like a well-oiled machine. Hence, the almond industry also has a regulatory body identified as the Almond Board of Australia (ABA). This organization not only facilitates the development of the sector, but […]


Nuts in Australia: An Overview

Nuts in Australia: An Overview Nuts and seeds are an excellent source of protein, minerals and vitamins. Hence, the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend that all individuals should include nuts in their everyday diet. Moreover, Australia is a country that focuses on its import and export of nuts. In fact, as of June 2019, approximately 215.828 […]


Global Fruit Production

Global Fruit Production Bananas: The Most Popular Fruit Fruit crops comprise a major section of the global agricultural production. Fruits, consumed along with vegetables, are a part of a healthy and robust diet. Additionally, if the production quantities are carefully studied, the most popular fruit in the world is bananas. In fact, in 2018, over […]


Chestnut Production in Australia

Chestnut Production in Australia Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)  Australia is a country that has a wide variety of nuts that are produced and then exported. Out of these nuts, chestnuts are a type that is favoured by the Australian citizens. Moreover, these nuts are produced in the south of Australia. The majority of […]


International Trade of Almonds

International Trade of Almonds Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech) Australia can be identified as the second-largest producer of almonds. After cultivating these almonds, they are exported in the form of both in-shell and kernels. As of June 2019, Australia has exported over 49,393 tonnes of in-shell nuts. Alongside this, they have also exported approximately […]