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Pecans Production in Australia (2019)

Pecans Production in Australia (2019)


Pecans Production in Australia (2019)


The majority of pecan production in Australia is centred in northern New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland. This type of nut is mostly sold domestically in its kernel form. However, there is a small export market for it as well.


  1. The supply per capita of both the in-shell and kernel pecans was recorded at 60 grams, based on the volume that was supplied.
  2. The value of producing these nuts was worth $21.8 million, whereas the wholesale value of both the in-shell and kernel nuts’ supply was $24.5 million.
  3. 15% of Australian families purchased this nut as a part of their grocery haul, buying an average of 310 grams per shopping trip.
  4. 3,100 tonnes of pecans were produced and it had a kernel weight equivalent to 1,767 tonnes.
supply chain of pecans in australia

Major Pecan Producing Areas

These nuts are mostly grown in New South Wales. Moreover, the majority of the production occurs in the Gwydir Valley and in the northern inland of New South Wales.

Pecan Prodution by State

pecans production by state

Pecan International Trade

Australia is considered to be a net exporter of this nuts. The majority of the exports are in the in-shell form. As of June 2019, Australia has managed to export 357 tonnes of in-shell nuts and 182 tonnes of kernel nuts. This roughly is around 66% and 34%, respectively.

Health Benefits

These nuts contain monounsaturated fats such as oleic acid along with phenolic antioxidants which help reduce the risk of heart disease. According to the National Pecan Shellers Association, adding a handful of pecan nuts in your diet helps decrease LDL. These nuts protect the human body from cancer due to the anti-proliferative properties of ellagic acid which inhibit DNA binding of certain carcinogens such as nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

pecans international trade in australia


The majority of exports were sent to China (64%). Moreover, the United States also received 13% of the total pecan exports.

pecan exports by country

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)