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Fruit Production in Australia

Fruit Production in Australia


Fruit Production in Australia

All Fresh Fruit Overview

As of 2019 the fruit data was:

  1. Approximately 2.79 million tonnes of fruits were produced in the nation. The total value of these fruits amounted to $5.5 billion.
  2. 98% of Australian families purchased this as a part of their daily lives.
  3. The supply per capita was recorded at 70 kg, based on the volume that was supplied.
  4. $5.21 billion was the wholesale value, which can then be separated into two categories. $4,494 million was distributed to retail and $715 million was invested into food service.
supply chain of fresh fruits
Sources: ABS, AC, CFVIWA, IRB, MP & DD (Freshologic Analysis)

Fruit Production

  1. In 2017, the value of production was recorded at 2,770,177 tonnes, whereas in 2019 the value increased to 2,793,432.
  2. The fresh export value in 2018 was $1,085.1 million. This figure escalated in 2019 and reached $1332.0 million. This marks a 23% growth in value.
  3. Moreover, the fresh supply in 2017 was 1,840,863 tonnes, and this figure increased to 1,812,147 tonnes in 2018.
  4. The fresh import value in 2018 was $374.1 million, which later increased to $392.2 million in 2019.
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International Trade

Primarily, Australia is a net exporter of these goods. As of 2019, Australia successfully exported 478,274 tonnes of this. The summary of the imports and exports are presented in the graph below:

fresh fruit international trade
Source: GTA

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)