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Avocado Production in Australia (2019)

Avocado Production in Australia (2019)


Avocado Production in Australia (2019)

Fresh Avocado Overview

Avocado, a popular fruit in Australia, is consumed by many households. Production of this fruit mainly occurs in Queensland and New South Wales during the winter months. Moreover, this fruit is also produced in Western Australia during the summer months. Among the various types, the most common and popular types are Hass and Shepard.


As of the year 2019,

  • The supply per capita was recorded at 3.6 kg. This figure is based on the volume supplied.
  • 85,546 tonnes of avocados were produced, and the total value was $444 million.
  • 60% of Australian households bought this fruit during their shopping trip. This amounts to an average of 530 grams of fruit per trip.
  • The wholesale rate of this fruit was recorded at $512 million, with $389 million saved for retail.

Major Avocado Production Areas

These fruits are majorly grown in Queensland during the winter months. They are particularly found in the Atherton Tablelands and also Bundaberg/Childers regions. Additionally, these fruits are also discovered in Western Australia during the summer. In this region they are specifically discovered in Pemberton/Manjimup. In fact, smaller volume of this fruit is also grown at New South Wales and the Tri State Area around Sunraysia.

Source: AAL

Production by State

Source: AAL

Varieties of Avocados

In the main market, Hass avocados are majorly produced. Moreover, there are some other types of avocados that are also found in Australia. They are:

  • Hass avocados are oval shaped fruits that contain dark green, pebbly skins. This particular type of avocado darkens in colour when ripe. Hass avocados dominate the market with 78% of fresh production.
  • Shepard avocados are light green in colour and they are mostly pear shaped. On the contrary, they do not change colour when they are ripe. These fruits account for 20% of the fresh production.
  • Some other varieties are also present and they account for 3% of fresh production.
various types of avocados

International Trade

Australia is generally considered to be a net importer of fresh fruits. The nation imports around 15,000 to 25,000 tonnes of this fruit from its neighbour, New Zealand. As of 2019, Australia has imported approximately 14,562 tonnes and exported about 3,202 tonnes of this particular fruit.

avocado international trade
Source: GTA

Exports by Country

avocado exports by country
Source: GTA

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)