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Tomatoes and Jobs to Increase in Tatura

Tomatoes and Jobs to Increase in Tatura


Tomatoes and Jobs to Increase in Tatura

Article by: Hari Yellina

With assistance from the Andrews Labor Government, Flavorite recently completed construction of a new six-hectare glasshouse at their Tatura site in Victoria. This glasshouse is expected to increase production of tomatoes by 4,000 tonnes annually and increase their workforce in the Goulburn Valley by 110 to 170 people. The additional 60 full-time positions will offer fantastic chances for local communities to learn new skills and pursue a variety of vocations in the agricultural industry. Despite the severe difficulties posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Flavorite company has demonstrated remarkable fortitude and rapid expansion, offering job stability and training to individuals entering the company.

Through funding from the Regional Jobs Fund and the Victorian Business Growth Fund, the State Government enabled the development. On Wednesday, Flavorite hosted Minister for Regional Development Harriet Shing and Treasurer Tim Pallas at their Tatura location to dedicate their brand-new multi-million-dollar glasshouse. Tim Pallas, the treasurer, said: “Flavorite is a family-run business that supports local employment, therefore with the support of the Victorian Government, the business is expanding its operations to secure its future and add 60 new jobs. We intentionally encourage businesses that support their communities and help established industries expand through targeted, regional support.”

The $250 million VBGF, which would promote small and medium-sized firms like Flavorite, which was successful in winning one of the inaugural awards, was formed by the Victorian Government in 2020, and ROC Partners were appointed to manage the fund. The Victorian Business Growth Fund (VBGF), which was established by the government in collaboration with Spirit Super and Aware Super, provides vital funding for Victorian businesses to grow while generating improved social and environmental results. Spirit Super’s Chief Investment Officer, Ross Barry, stated that the company “actively seeks to invest in compelling prospects that also bring strong socio-economic advantages right here in our own backyard” (local job development, local innovation, and better local communities).

The Regional Jobs Fund is a component of the government’s flagship Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, which supports community projects, councils in building the infrastructure that residents and visitors require, and assists businesses in creating jobs in regional Victoria. The fund is thrilled to work with the Victorian Government to invest in regional communities, as Katrina McPhee, Aware Super State Executive, Victoria explains. Flavorite will become Australia’s largest glasshouse producer of fresh fruit and vegetables thanks to this investment, which will increase its total production under glass from 58 to 64 hectares. And it doesn’t seem like they’re going to stop there.

Mike Nichol, CEO of Flavorite, said: “We have been able to construct a six-hectare glasshouse facility here in the Goulburn Valley thanks to the help of the Victorian Government, Roc Partners, Spirit Super, and Aware Super. This project will advance sustainable agriculture, help us expand our company, diversify our product offering, and add more jobs to regional Victoria.” “Without these programmes and alliances, we wouldn’t be able to fulfil our goal of expansion. It merely demonstrates what can be accomplished when business and government collaborate.” On the Tatura location, Flavorite already has plans to erect a 120,000m2 packhouse, a 40 megaliter dam, and an additional twelve-acre glasshouse. In the ensuing 12 to 24 months, all of this will increase the number of jobs in the nearby areas.