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Farming Industry and its Vulnerabilities

Farming Industry and its Vulnerabilities


Farming Industry and its Vulnerabilities

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)

According to recent data, the Australian horticultural farming domain employs about three percent of the country’s citizens. However, this field remains one of the most vulnerable ones out of all the professions. Moreover, these injuries are proof of the poor performance and judgment carried out by the agricultural personnel and the safety regulators.

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Agriculture and Regulations

Due to the unpredictable weather conditions and the cut down of prices in the main areas of agricultural revenue generation, the prior 20 year have been incredibly harsh when it comes to the agricultural domain. Because this sector is one of the most critical fields of Australia, the fluctuations in the economy are directly related to any changes in the farming world. Thus, the stark level of injuries area directly affects the prosperity levels of the economy.

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Stopping these Injuries

However, there are some ways in which these injuries can be curbed. The most excellent solution is broader consultative education. This will aid the individuals related to the farming industry to be aware of the potentially hazardous conditions. Secondly, the need of the hour is greater financial assistance that will be utilized to construct and implement safer work conditions for these toiling workers. Most importantly, a more rigorous inspection of circumstances needs to be carried out in order to ensure the safety of all the individuals. In fact, any form of non-compliance should be immediately punished.

Farming Agricultural Statistics

  1. It has been inspected that only half of the Australian farmers are insured under the workers compensation because a majority of them are self-employed.
  2. While working on the farm, one in six people are killed due to the dangers posed by the agricultural industry.
  3. Over one-third of farming personnel include an individual who is aged above 65 years. This takes into consideration the farming injuries.