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Workers in Australia Stuck due to the Pandemic

Workers in Australia Stuck due to the Pandemic


Workers in Australia Stuck due to the Pandemic

The workers of Australia have endured a long and stressful season. Not only have they feared for their lives during this pandemic, but they have also faced uncertainty regarding their employment. Many labourers have also not been able to return to their loved ones due to the closure of borders. All in all, the situation has been quite troubling for them. Moreover, employers have had to face grave difficulties in order to transfer workers to other placed of work and deal with the strict government rules that were inflexible and at times, even inconsiderate.

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It can be identified that employers are facing harsh consequences due to the schemes that are being introduced. In fact, many have even argued that they received little to no support with the employment terms and conditions put into effect. However, it has been reported that many seasonal workers are being allowed to remain in the nation even after their visas have expired due to the unfavourable conditions. Moreover, many workers have faced issues with finding new employment, social separation, and constant accusations on social media during these testing times.

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On the other hand, it seems that employers are attempting to support these troubled workers to the best of their abilities. In fact, many communities such as the Red Cross, Civil Defence, and concerned employers have hosted fundraisers and donated edibles to the stranded workers. In its narrowest definition, a labour shortage is an economic condition in which employers believe there are insufficient qualified candidates (employees) to fill the marketplace demands for employment at a wage that is mostly employer-determined. However, this pandemic has exposed various issues with the schemes that have been introduced. Nonetheless, the Australian community has come together in order to do their best for these unfortunate, helpless seasonal workers.