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Red Meat Exports to be Heavily Boosted by Government Grants

Red Meat Exports to be Heavily Boosted by Government Grants


Article by: Hari Yellina

A federal government award of $827,860 to the Red Meat Advisory Council to enhance exports has been welcomed by red meat supply chain enterprises. By assisting market expansion and marketing Australian meat exports, the Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation award will help boost beef, sheep meat, and goatmeat export earnings to the Middle East, North Africa, and South-East Asia. The investment, according to Australian Meat Industry Council CEO Patrick Hutchinson, “underpins AMIC’s market access strategy, which is critical to ensuring both new market access and existing market longevity.” Mr Hutchinson explained, “This all plays a significant role in our ‘Trade Horizon’ approach.”

“We are ecstatic that Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has decided to invest in the AMIC strategy through RMAC, which secures market access and longevity for not only AMIC exporting members, but also feedlots and grass-fed beef, sheep, and goat growers across Australia.” “While accessing new markets has always been advantageous, it must be balanced by ensuring the long-term viability of present markets, which account for the majority of our export markets.” Minister Littleproud and LNP candidate for Flynn Colin Boyce announced the donation in Gladstone. Mr Boyce said the local beef sector would concentrate on technical access to the markets, trade facilitation, and capturing and maximising chances to increase export volumes and values in the main export markets.

“These resources imply more opportunity for our beef exporters, stronger links with significant industry leaders in key export countries, and more chances at the grassroots of the business,” Mr Boyce said. Central Queensland is an agricultural superpower and Australia’s beef capital. “By expanding our cattle sector’s potential and spreading the message about our world-class Australian meat, we can expect future growth and success for the industry, as well as additional jobs on the ground in Flynn.” In a time of global instability and shifting consumer trends, broadening the target export markets adds further security to the sector.