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Perks of Using a Labour-Hire Company

Perks of Using a Labour-Hire Company


Perks of Using a Labour-Hire Company


When there is a need to add staff to your organisation, one of the best ways to do so is to approach a labour-hire company. Not only do they provide casual, temporary workers, but they also ensure that your long term tasks are handled by permanent, efficient candidates. All in all, a labour-hire organisation is probably the most optimal way to staff your work projects. In fact, companies like Orchard Tech, take on the complete responsibility to furnish only the best workers from their vast candidate pool. Moreover, there seems to be a myth that these companies charge a massive amount for their services. On the contrary, they ensure that the recruitment process is completely stress-free.

Benefits of a Labour-Hire Company


As they say, a company is only as good as its workers so, you will not want to put your company’s reputation at risk because of not being able to meet your obligations due to a labour shortage. Fortunately, labour-hire companies are equipped for such scenarios and can source from their large pool of candidates at a moment’s notice. For short term projects and assignments, when hiring permanent workers is not a feasible solution, labour-hire services can find you, suitable workers, for only the times you need them.

Regardless, of the company’s size or the size of the industry, labour-hire companies can meet all your staffing needs by offering tailor-made solutions. For instance, if there is a large agricultural project with a strict deadline to meet, you will require extra workers to meet your contractual obligations. Hence, these organisations can aid you to employ efficient workers that will help you stay on top of your game!

Effective Recruitment

Labour hire companies only have one particular job – to find the best people to fill a company’s need, right when that business needs it most. Because their focus is solely on recruitment, labour-hire services have refined their recruitment methods over time and can weed out the poor performers from the start.

And these experienced approaches to recruitment don’t just assess each candidates’ qualifications, experiences and licences; scientifically-based assessments to understand each person’s work ethic, safety mindset and fit with different company cultures are also used. The success rate of finding a person who fits not just the required skill set, but with the company culture, is much higher using a job hire company than internal recruitment.

To sum it up, the benefit for employers is that labour-hire companies will find staff are not just qualified – their staff will boost team morale, uphold safety culture and become loyal brand advocates.

Work Life Balance with Labour-Hire

Labour-hire organizations enable you to have flexible working hours for your workforce. This means that you can afford to give your permanent employees some time off without affecting productivity. Your staff can thus take care of other personal responsibilities that are not work-related. Labour-hire companies can also be used to cover extra shifts to allow your staff to go home on time and have weekends off to spend with their loved ones. By helping your people maintain a good work-life balance, you’ll improve engagement, loyalty and morale.

Orchard Tech: The Perfect Solution

Orchard Tech delivers flexible staffing solutions to clients in the agricultural domain. We are a solutions-based service provider, committed to long-term partnerships with our clients. Whether your agribusiness needs permanent positions, contract roles, full-time, part-time or casual staff, we have a large database of job-ready candidates that have been fully validated for work rights, licenses, and qualifications and have gone through intensive background checks. We take our responsibility very seriously and will only present quality candidates that are the best fit for your company. 

Need staff for your next agricultural project? Get in touch with us!

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)