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Grants Providing Boosts for Agricultural Enterprises

Grants Providing Boosts for Agricultural Enterprises


Grants Providing Boosts for Agricultural Enterprises

According to the latest in the agricultural world, a great number of Western Australian enterprises, both big and small, have decided to fund $480,000 after they have successfully gained support through the Access Asia Business Grants Program. This is because the McGowan Government is aiding all of the local enterprises to fuel their efforts in regard to the Asian markets. In fact, this is also helping the economic recovery that has been duly damaged because of the pandemic. It is a great sign because the trade and investment opportunities with the Asian continent are significantly increasing.

Additionally, there are other grants that are also being given to enterprises across a range of various sectors. Some of these fields are mining, equipment, primary industries, creative industries, retail and tourism and technology and services. These enterprises can utilize this grant in order to fund activities that will allow them to recuperate from damages done because of the pandemic. For instance, WA Pure Honey was one of the organisations that successfully received this grant. They will utilize this amount in order to fund market research, market entry options and also for social media marketing.

Advantages of Grants for Enterprises

Do not Need to be Repaid

The main advantage of receiving a grant is that they do not have to be repaid. This is why grants are much more favourable than loans, and they are extremely appealing for enterprises, especially the smaller ones. In fact, many grants offer a heft amount of money that is dependent on the applicant’s idea. Hence, receiving a grant is just the boost a small business may need.

Sea of Information for Enterprises

The most important pro of attaining a grant is that there is a hoard of information that is available. This is crucial because there is a lot of research that enterprises need to do to search and select the perfect grant for them. In the age of technology, it does not matter which industry applicants want to delve into, there is a hoard of information that is available for consumption.

Waterfall Effect

It is assumed that once an enterprise receives a grant then there are many more that follow. Because an organisation has placed their trust and given the money, other sources also see this as an opportunity to invest in a successful enterprise.

Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)