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The Australian Harvest Calendar (2021)

The Australian Harvest Calendar (2021)


The Australian Harvest Calendar (2021)

Planning a fruit picking adventure? Australia is the perfect place to do so! This nation is a place where produce is found in abundance. In fact, Australia possesses one of the biggest horticultural and agricultural industries in the world. Furthermore, all harvest workers are a big support to these industries. Also, their assistance contributes to elevating the economic condition of the country. Nevertheless, the harvest season is different in every part of the country. Every single vegetable/fruit has its own growing time and specific conditions.

The Northern Territory

The Northern Territory in Australia is mostly popular for its jellyfish and crocodiles that are usually found on the beaches. Not only is the scenery extremely aesthetic in this region, but there is also an abundance of fruit and vegetables that are grown here. Hence, the harvest season is plentiful!

Harvest Dates

In the months of March to October, Darwin and Katherine have a plethora of melons to be harvested. Furthermore, in October and November, this region is filled with mangoes. There are some fruits that are available all year round. They include bananas, Asian vegetables, citrus fruits and wildflowers.

Western Australia

Western Australia boasts of the Coral Coast, Golden Outback, relaxed beach vibe of Perth not to mention Australia’s Northwest. Western Australia is often missed out when people visit Australia, but there’s more down-under than the east coast! Due to the varied climates, there is a range of vegetables that are harvested here. From January to March the main crop that is grown here is grapes. Moreover, apples and pears are produced from March to May.

South Australia

This region in Australia is famously known for its wine. This is a reason why grapes are abundantly found here. Furthermore, this state is predominantly acknowledged for the long summers and mild winters. Nevertheless, there is a hoard of things to explore here. When it comes to harvesting, this region begins with dried fruits from January to March. Furthermore, February to April is pretty busy because there are multiple crops being harvested. For instance, apples, pears, peaches, grapes, and brussels sprouts are all produced during this period. Some of the other crops grown here throughout the year are apricots, strawberries and oranges.


This region is referred to as the road less travelled because it involves both a flight and a ferry ride. Even though many fruit pickers tend to ignore this area, Tasmania possesses some of Australia’s most beautiful landscapes. The main crops that are harvested here are apples, grapes, hops and scallop splitting.

Harvest in Victoria

Victoria is best known for being the Sporting Capital. It is also a great place to find some agricultural work. Due to its widespread harvest season, Victoria produces numerous fruits and vegetables that are offered in the fresh markets. Some of the main crops are tomatoes, grapes, asparagus, strawberries, cherries/berries, pears, peaches and apples.

New South Wales

This state is definitely the most populated one in the nation.  The capital city is home to one of the worlds most recognizable landmarks, the Sydney harbour bridge not to mention many other popular destinations such as Bondi Beach. Harvest work wise there are positions picking stone fruit, grapes, pears, citrus, onions, asparagus and berries.

Harvest in Queensland

Queensland really encapsulates the imagery of the east coast with so many popular tourist destinations.  The Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, Surfers Paradise, the list goes on! Getting a campervan and experiencing Queensland is a great idea, you can get a tan, make some cash fruit picking and really explore the sunshine state. Harvest work wise you’ll expect to be picking Bananas, Apples, Pears, Citrus, Ginger and Melons.

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Article by: Hari Yellina (Orchard Tech)