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Fresh Eggplants Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Due to the immense popularity and demand, eggplants are grown all across Australia. However, the majority of the production occurs along the east coast. In the current scenario, these vegetables are grown outdoors. Nevertheless, due to the growing popularity of this vegetable, they are being grown all year-round in high-tech greenhouses. Although enjoyed like […]


Capsicum Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Capsicums, also known as bell peppers, are grown in almost all states of Australia due to their popularity. However, the majority of the production occurs in the outdoors of Queensland. Nonetheless, capsicums are also being grown all year-round in high tech greenhouses in the southern states of Australia. Furthermore, capsicums possess an incredible prospect […]


Dried Tree Fruit Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Dried fruits, other than plums, can be identified as a combination of dried fruits that hail from different categories. However, these fruits are predominantly summer fruits. These fruits have become immensely popular in Australia over recent years. However, in recent times there is a debate that has been fuelled around this edible item. While […]


Olives Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Olives are a common fruit that is grown in all major states of Australia. However, the majority of production is grown in Victoria. Almost all of these fruits that are grown in Australia are for olive oil production. Both of these forms are popular in Australia. Since the olive tree can survive for thousands […]


Prunes Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Plums that are grown for drying purposes are known as prunes. Hence, these are the byproducts of extremely dried plums. Prunes are a type of fruit that is extremely popular in Australia. Not only do prunes improve vision, but they also contain many qualities to improve declining heart conditions. Hence, this fruit is a […]


Production of Fresh Grapes in Australia (2019)

Overview The Wine and Grape Industry in Australia has a long and interesting history. The first vines arrived in Australia in 1788, and after an unsuccessful planting at Farm Cove (the site of the present Sydney Botanical Gardens), were transplanted to Parramatta, west of Sydney. In the modern-day, grapes are grown all over the Australian […]


Apricots Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Apricots are a type of fruit that has gained a lot of popularity in Australia over the years. Not only are they a good source of vitamins A and C, but they also aid the body to repair any damaged tissues. Moreover, apricots are extremely rich in dietary fibre. These fruits are best grown […]


Australia’s Passion for Passionfruit

Passionfruit is a popular fruit in Australia that is predominantly grown in Queensland. Nonetheless, since they are subtropical plants, they may be grown in all parts of Australia. However, in colder areas, they need to be provided with a warm and sunny sheltered spot so that they are able to thrive properly. If one wants […]


Nashi Production and Growth in Australia (2019)

Overview Nashi fruit or Asian pears, in Australia, are produced mainly in the Goulburn Valley of Victoria. The majority of the production is reserved for the fresh market. Nonetheless, a small portion of these fruits are kept aside for the export market as well. Statistics As of 2019: The wholesale value of the fresh supply […]


Strengthening the Banana Industry

“The newly introduced banana program will help to further the previous accomplishments achieved in this sector,” says Hari Yellina. It has been reported that the Queensland Government horticulturists are all set to announce a newly prepared National Banana Development and Extension program that aims to support the banana industry in these crucial and testing times. […]


Watermelon Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Watermelons are generally produced all across Australia. However, the majority of the amount is found in the northern states. Most of the fruit that is produced is saved for the fresh fruit market. Nonetheless, there is a small volume that is reserved for export. Statistics 228,809 tonnes of watermelons were produced throughout the year. […]


Muskmelons’ Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Muskmelons are a variety of fruit that houses two subtypes. One of these variants is rockmelons, whereas the other one is honey dew melons. Production of this particular type of melon occurs all across Australia. Thus, they are available all year-round for consumption. Statistics As of June 2019: In Australia, 34% of the citizens […]


Mangoes Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Since mango is a tropical fruit, its production predominantly occurs in Northern Australia. The mango season starts in mid-November in Mareeba, early December in Dimbulah and mid-December in Central Queensland. Types of Mangoes The fruit harvest season comprises of a wide variety of mango types. The most common amongst them is Kensington Pride, which […]


Lychees’ Production in Australia (2019)

Overview The lychee is a subtropical fruit, which is oval and the size of a walnut. In fact, lychees are part of the berry kingdom and grown on tropical, evergreen trees. Moreover, after a few months of growth, these individual flowers transform into bunches of fruit. Australia is a nation that harbours the most extended […]

Increasing Popularity of Almonds in Australia

Almond Insights in Australia (2014/15)

Overview It is interesting to note that Australia is the second-largest producer of almonds. These nuts are grown along the Murray Valley in South Australia. Moreover, this popular form of nut can also be found in Victoria and New South Wales. Also, the three major varieties that are grown in this nation are Nonpariel, Carmel […]


Cherries Production in Australia (2019)

Overview In Australia, cherries are predominantly produced in the summer months. Moreover, the majority of the production occurs in the southern states of Australia. Cherries are a fruit enjoyed by the majority of the population. Hence, they can be identified as a very popular fruit in Australia. Statistics As of June 2019: The supply per […]


Strawberries Production in Australia (2019)

Overview Strawberries are a fruit that is abundantly grown in all states of Australia. Thus, it is found throughout the year in this country. Moreover, this is a fruit which is extremely popular as the majority of the population enjoys it. Statistics 72% of Australian households bought these fruits while on their grocery shopping trip. […]


Rubus Berries Production in Australia (2019)

Overview The term ‘rubus berries’ is all-inclusive of raspberries, blackberries and other berries such as silvanberries and boysenberries. These berries are predominantly grown along the Eastern Seabord of Australia. Moreover, the majority of the production occurs in Victoria and Tasmania. History of Rubus Berries Raspberry was firstly cultivated by the ancient Greeks. The harvest of […]


Horticulture and Australia in 2019

Overview When it comes to horticulture and the production and trade, it can be concluded that Australia is a nation that remains pretty active. Not only does it deal with fruits, vegetables and nuts, it also produces and supplies other horticultural products such as cut flowers, nurseries and turf. Statistical Data of Horticulture As of […]


Earnings in Australia (May 2020)

Purpose of the ABS Survey The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Average Weekly Earnings survey is put into place in order to analyze the level of average earnings in Australia at a particular point of time. Any alterations in the average weekly earnings may be impacted by any changes in the level of earnings per worker also […]