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European Market Welcomes Australia Kiwi

European Market Welcomes Australia Kiwi


European Market Welcomes Australia Kiwi

Even though the Australian kiwi has a young history span, its immense global popularity cannot be denied. Currently, the European markets are all set to enjoy these kiwis. Due to the abundant sunshine, these kiwis are produced in almost all regions of Australia. Also, the high sugar content in the kiwis is also a reason for its superb taste and high demand. Seeka Australia is one of the top producers of Kiwi in the nation. In fact, this organization is famously known for producing the Hayward Kiwi.

There are many international companies that are working around the world to gain access to this exotic fruit. In fact, Bratzler & Co., a European institution, has formed an intense trading relationship. This has established a successful marketing campaign across Europe. Nevertheless, Europe also manufactures its own kiwifruit and the variants are also quite popular.

Some of the major varieties are:

Kiwi de l’Adour (France)

Kiwi de l’Adour is a European kiwi fruit with unique organoleptic qualities grown in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region in France. When it’s ripe, its texture is juicy with melt-in-the-mouth properties and the flesh is bright green, intensely fragrant and slightly acidic in taste.

On the exterior of this European kiwi, the skin is typically brown to green and covered with delicate silky hairs over the whole surface. Its great taste and texture are due to the region’s climate – in the late autumn, there is frost that allows the European kiwis to be harvested with a higher sugar content than usual.

Aktinidio Pierias (Greece)

The delicious Pierias kiwi was first grown in 1973 on the Pierian plains, and it showed amazing adaptability to the microclimate of the European region nestled between Mt. Pierus and Mt. Olympus. The soil composition and cultivation techniques are the two most important factors contributing to the high quality of this fruit and its ability to keep it for up to nine months after harvesting.

This kiwi, recognized for its distinct characteristics and its delicate exotic aroma is called ‘the Fruit of Olympus’. The kiwi grown on the Pieria plains is the Hayward varietal. It has reddish-green skin and particularly juicy, pale green flesh.
Pierias kiwis can be enjoyed fresh or prepared in local specialities such as green marmalades made with black sugar.