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Australian Researchers to Unravel Nut Industry

Australian Researchers to Unravel Nut Industry


Australian Researchers to Unravel Nut Industry!

Researchers, located at the Australian Griffith University, are beginning to fuel the emerging Galip nut industry. In order to complete this task, they are providing marginalised women with a source of income. The only task they are being asked to complete is to plant a significant amount of trees.

Australian Professor Helen Wallace from the Centre for Planetary Health and Food Security is leading a diverse team of science, agribusiness and social research experts from both Australia and PNG, including partners from the University and the National Agricultural Research Institute, to expand private sector investment in the Canarium Indicum or Galip nut.

A formal market has been established in Port Moresby selling packaged natural, roasted and peeled products into supermarkets and duty-free stores, and private investors are cautiously but optimistically approaching the industry.

Australian Encouraging Growing of Plants

Share compost.

If there are large compost piles to offer and to share with others who garden or might be starting gardens, then it should surely be shared. Seasoned gardeners will truly appreciate this odd homegrown generosity and new gardeners will be much more likely to stick with it if the nutrient-rich compost affords them a good harvest their first year.

Alternatively, if there is a need for more compost, asking friends and neighbours to save food scraps, leaves, grass clippings and other compostables for you. This will lead to more compost and an opportunity to share some of the Australian gardening wisdom.

Set out a free produce stand.

If there is a surplus, consider putting out a free produce stand and sharing your harvest. The tasty Australian produce might inspire people to grow their own or it might help someone who is in need. You can also allow others to add their garden excess to the pile. If you end up with way too much, donating to a food pantry could be a good option.