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Mango Season Underway in Australia

Mango Season Underway in Australia


Even though Australia is facing the dead of winter, mango season has already commenced on the outskirts of the Darwin region. Here, tropical mangoes are already being picked, and the fruit is getting ready to hit the fresh markets. In fact, it is being estimated that over 4,000 trays of mangoes have been prepared already. Most of these popular fruits have entered high-end fruit shops after the successful mango season. However, since restaurants are very slow to start because of the pandemic, the fruits have not properly been introduced here. Nevertheless, restaurant owners are expecting things to pick up very soon since the wrath of Covid has lessened to an extent.

Most of the production that has been garnered during the mango season has been sourced from the Northern Territory. When it comes to this fruit, the Northern Territory is the undisputed king. It seems that they have understood how to get the mango trees to fruit at an earlier point in time. Even though the mango season would be extremely short in the previous years, it has increased a great deal. Hence, consumers are exposed to the fruits a lot more.

2021 Mango Season

If the reports of the Australian Mango Industry are carefully studied, then it is deduced that over 8.2 million trays of this fruit were produced across the country. In fact, in the previous mango seasons, this region has continuously produced over 10 million trays. Also, AMIA data indicates the Northern Territory produced 53.6 per cent of the national crop. The main types grown in Australia are Kensington Pride, Calypso, R2E2, Honey Gold and Keitt. Each variety has its own season, most notably Kensington Pride (September to February), Calypso (September to March) and R2E2 (October to February). This delicious fruit is thus so popular in every Australian household!